We didn’t think it would happen (more like we had high hopes it wouldn’t) but fashion’s nefarious nature has brought the ’80s back. In a big way. From the return of the power suit (not bad) to super-sized shoulders (very bad), every major runway (
Marc Jacobs,
Gucci, and even
Yves Saint Laurent) was demonstrating what this decadent era was all about. Beyond the clothes, beauty trends took a very bold turn as well: Think red lips, rainbow eyes and rose-hued cherub cheeks. We learn how to transform these catwalk colours with the help of Rimmel’s Executive Trainer Doug Atkinson. Read on…

Liquid liner

* Line the upper lid with a black eye pencil first and sweep out and up from the outer corner of the eye. Don’t be shy; this look is all about being bold and playing with dimension!

* Once you have set the “guidelines” with the pencil, you can refine the line using the liquid liner in the same shade.

* After the liquid has set, go back and lift up your upper lid and apply liner to the inside of the eye for greater definition.

* For the lower lid, use the pencil and line as usual from the outside to the inner corner. For extra
oomph: use an angle brush and smudge a black shadow into the pencil line and into the lashes for dramatic affect.

Shades of shadows

* This look is much more sophisticated than Joan Cusack’s Working Girl makeup mélange. Although still bold, the trick is to create a blended, contoured look instead of brushing one mass of colour on the lid. Any woman can pull it off, providing you follow the updated rules:

* Don’t be afraid with your colour choices: Stay on trend by selecting cobalt blues, turquoise, brash purples or pinks; just be sure to start with a neutral base coat on the lid, like a beige or gold.

* Using a flat brush, sweep the neutral shade from lash to brow. Use a good coat of this shadow, as it will give a base for the darker shades to follow.

* Build the contour with your next shade blending in from the corner of your eye out to the end of your eyebrow.

* Lastly, take your darkest shadow, and with your crease brush, stroke a small amount working from the outer corner of the lid, slowly blend into the corner and contour. Blend until there is no line of demarcation. Voila!

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Perfect pout

*Cover the lips in concealer to provide a base for the colour and help prevent feathering

* Take extra time to blend just outside of the mouth lines as this gives the illusion of bigger lips.

* The best trick of the trade? Grab a white eyeliner pencil and apply it just on the bow of the lips. Blend with your fingers moving downward gently so there is no obvious line. This will allow light to bounce of your lips giving you the perfect pout.

* Load your lip brush up with a rich red hue! This look is meant to be obvious. Fill in your lips.

* Take a piece of tissue and place over your mouth. Using a powder brush, take some translucent powder and stroke your lips through the tissue. This will set your lipstick and make your mouth look flawless.

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