When you have a good thing—in this case, hazel eyes—the best
makeup application techniques work to enhance your chameleon eye colour, and not overpower it. “Hazel eyes can really change colour and be quite striking with the right kind of make up,” says Sabrina Rinaldi, a celebrity makeup artist based in Toronto. We chatted with Rinaldi about her best makeup tips to highlight and accentuate hazel eyes.

Makeup tips: Play up your eye colours

Since hazel eyes tend to be striking on their own, look for eye shadow colours that will complement your amber-flecked tone. “Cranberry is a great colour to bring out the green in hazel eyes and is very on trend for the fall/winter season,” say Rinaldi, citing the cranberry smokey eye seen at Gucci’s Fall 2013 runway show. Deep shades such as plums and purples have a similar effect. Try Laura Mercier Eye Colour eye shadow in African Violet.

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The beauty about hazel eyes is their tendency to change hues, depending on the colours worn around them. “Golds and soft golds will help bring out the
blue or aqua in a hazel eye,” she says. The key is to avoid piling on dark colours to the lid, as it can overpower the eye. Eye liners have the same colour-enhancing effect. “My favourite go-to eye liner would be a purple-plum or purple-grey,” she adds. “Prunella Eye Kohl from M.A.C. is a favourite because it’s not too purple. It’s a grey-purple, which I love to layer with a plum-y shadow on top.

To really accentuate hazel eyes on a night out, line the inner eye along the waterline with a
black kohl eye liner after using a plum-based or golden shadow on the lid. “The contrast of the black against the eye shadow colour on the lid really will make eyes pop,” she explains. “Always remember to follow up with two coats of
black mascara for maximum impact!”

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Makeup tips: Experiment with lip colour

Contrasting a soft eye shadow with a bold lip (and vice versa) is an instant, foolproof beauty technique to play up your natural features. To draw out the amber, golden brown and blue-green tones that make up hazel eye colour, scale back your look with minimal eye makeup—and a bright lipstick. “A
red lip whether a tomato red or cherry red is a great accent!” says Rinaldi, referencing the striking contrast characteristic of Julianne Moore’s red carpet look. Try Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in F-Bomb for classic, vampy red lip.

Makeup tips: Even out skin tone

Create the perfect backdrop for your eyes and lips to truly stand out against with a smooth,
flawless-looking complexion. “Generally people with lighter eyes are fair and some tend to have pinkier undertones,” says Rinaldi. “If this is the case for you, make sure to even out skin tone with a
tinted moisturizer.” Try Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 for a lightweight finish. And
mute our dark under eye circles and eliminate redness with a concealer that matches your skin tone.

For a soft and pretty glow, brighten up with a light dusting of
your favourite blush. “I like soft blushes as opposed to bright cheeks— especially if the eyes or lips are going to be the focus,” says Rinaldi. And they will be.

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