Summer is officially over, which means your days of courting sunshine and logging wistful hours on pool decks and cottage docks have also drawn to a close. With all of those fun-in-sun hours, your skin might be reeling from summer’s laissez faire attitude. From clogged pores to dehydrated or scaly skin, adopt these skincare fixes to banish your summer skin sins and rejuvenate your face. You’ll have a fresh, youthful look perfect for fall’s beauty trends.


Exfoliation is an important part of skin health all year long, but especially important after months of wearing sunscreen and waterproof makeup that can build up and cause skin to look dull. The right exfoliation treatment rids skin of impurities, but also enhances radiance, downplays pores and smooth skin’s texture. “Among the many benefits that comes with exfoliating, like even skin tone and texture, it also helps unclog pores, a natural result of increased sweating in warmer temperatures,” says Patricia Clare, Neostrata’s National Trainer. “I recommend products that contain glycolic acid or retinol. They’re known for their exfoliation abilities to help with acne, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles,” she says. Remember to moderate. If you over-dose on exfoliation, you risk removing too many layers of the skin’s natural protective barrier. Most skincare experts agree that exfoliating one or two times per week will suffice.

Get more H20

Thanks to those extra-hot days spent accompanied by your favourite cocktail instead of a tall drink of water, it’s imperative that you pay attention to your water intake. Why does everyone insist that water will help clear up your skin? Because it’s true. Water has countless benefits, including its ability to flush toxins and balance hormones. While a number of foods contain a high percentage of water – broccoli, for example, is about 90% water – the best source of hydration is still sipping the recommended two litres per day. Add a slice of lemon and you’ll get skin detox benefits too.

Are you making one of these skin care slip ups?

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Ditch brown spots

If some photo damage is evident (like pronounced freckles or brown spots) swap your regular moisturizer for one that targets brown spots with ingredients soy, kojic acid, lactic acid or glycolic acid. Remember that it takes a long time to fade any type of skin discolouration, so be patient – it’s not going to go away overnight. “I recommend choosing a moisturizer or treatment that contains hydroquinone,” says Clare. “It is a melanin inhibitor that disrupts the production of melanin, the cells that produce unwanted colour.” But not everyone can tolerate it, she warns. “Where products that contain hydroquinone do have many benefits, they can be too harsh on the skin and cause irritation so do a patch test first and don’t over-do it,” says Clare.


If you’ve spent the summer forgoing a proper moisturizing routine, or opted for more hybrid options like a tinted moisturizer, it’s time to look to antioxidants like vitamin C, Vitamin E and green tea to get skin back on track. Also tap in to line-busting ingredients like peptides and hyaluronic acid that will help smooth away any . The right moisturizer will restore sun-ravaged skin, strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and lock in moisture to prep you for colder days ahead.

Stay covered

Whatever the season, it’s imperative that you take precaution against environmental damage. Dermatologists suggest wearing sunscreen with an SPF 15 or greater all year-round for all skin types. Think of sunscreen as insurance against premature aging, sun spots and future skin damage. It’s really a cure all for preventing skin damage.

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