The one beauty goal nearly every woman seeks to achieve? Smooth, soft, youthful skin. Unfortunately it doesn’t come easily (unless you have a very gifted gene pool, in which case, lucky you!). Most of us need to work at keeping wrinkles, fine lines, dry skin and dullness at bay. Thankfully there are some tried, tested and true ways to help keep skin looking fresh – cleanse, moisturize, protect and exfoliate. We’ve rounded up the best tips to slough away dead skin from the experts below.

Soft cell
To scrub or not to scrub? The secret to smooth skin is all about ridding yourself of dry, old, flaky skin. Let us help you decide with our picks on the best scrubs to hit the market. 

Goodbye fine lines! How to treat wrinkles
Wrinkles: nobody wants ‘em, but everyone gets ’em. Fortunately, there are dozens of new products and procedures on the market that will help keep fine lines at bay. To learn more about the science behind crow’s feet and laugh lines, (and more importantly, what to do about them). checked in with Dr. Romy Saibil and Dr. Francine Gerstein – co-owners of True MediSpa in Toronto – and two of the city’s most sought after cosmetic doctors.

Bare essentials
Exfoliating your skin regularly is one of the best ways to make sure it keeps glowing all season long—besides it’ll help prep your skin for any sunless tanning you have planned. Sara deRuiter, spa director of Body Blitz spa in Toronto, shares her expertise on getting phenomenal freshly scrubbed results at home.

Getting even
Freckles may look cute when you’re young, but for an adult, hyperpigmentation issues and uneven skin tone are key markers of age. Dr. Frances Jang, a dermatologist based in Vancouver, cites a 2006 study in which people of different ages with varying degrees of pigmentation were graded in terms of attractiveness. “The more pigmentation and redness they had, the older and less attractive and healthy the person was perceived to be,” she says.

Skin care: How to really clean your pores
Scrutinizing your pore size? We dig deep down and exfoliate, for the best tips and solutions for getting clean, smaller sized and less noticeable pores.