Sexy, healthy hair tips from Eva Mendes …

How does it feel to be perceived as a sex symbol?

Eva Mendes: It’s flattering, but I refuse to take it too seriously because the day I will lose it, my self-esteem will take a hit. I would like people to see me as a funny, smart and talented woman and not only as sexy. I actually find the word “sexy” to have a very superficial connotation. I would prefer the word “sensual”, which takes into account attitude, personality and beauty.

Do you use your healthy hair as a seduction tool?
My hair really makes me feel feminine – there’s nothing like having a good hairstyle to make me feel confident. It’s magical! I feel radiant when I walk out of the hair salon, even if I’m horribly dressed and without makeup. When I have the right hairstyle, nothing can bring me down! And let’s be honest, guys love a woman with confidence!

How do you take care of your hair?
On movie sets, my hair is constantly dyed, curled, crimped and manipulated with hair products. When I get some time off, I try to let me hair fall naturally on my shoulders. If my hair needs a little boost, I use “Breakage to Strength” from Pantene, which I leave on all night. I apply it on wet hair before going to bed and wear a showercap to protect my pillow – it’s incredibly chic! In the morning, I rinse out the product and brush my hair. It works wonders!

Beauty secrets and beauty tips from Eva Mendes …

Tell us about your favourite beauty products.
Hydrating my skin is my priority when choosing
skincare products. I am obsessed with Dr. Perricone’s products. My favourite is the No Foundation Foundation a hydrating lotion with SPF. It lightly covers imperfections, and I can leave the house confident, without adding powder. I am loyal to Tom Ford’s lipsticks. I love their smooth and hydrating texture.

Can you share any of your beauty secrets?
I clean my face with rose water because tap water dehydrates my skin. In the mornings and evenings, I cleanse using a little rose water dabbed onto some cotton. It’s really refreshing!

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What beauty steps do you follow in the mornings?
I drink a cup of warm lemony water. It’s a common practice in Japanese cultures used to wake up the whole body. This mixture stimulates the metabolism, purifies the body and revives the skin. It’s also a great remedy to overcome jetlag!

Who do you turn to when you need beauty advice?
My mother. She is honest – even a little too honest at times. She gives her opinion about my tv appearances and magazine photos without censoring herself. My dresses, hair, makeup, posture… she pays attention to everything! The other day, she confessed that the smooth chignon I wore to a film premiere made my head look too small compared to the rest of my body. Ouch! Let’s just say that I can always count on my mother to help me keep my feet on the ground!

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