Ever wonder how celebs look great (
check our top celebrity hair picks) — almost all of the time — even if they haven’t been worked on for hours by a makeup artist? Well, we did. And it turns out A-listers may simply be using some beauty tips and tricks beauty experts have sweet nothinged to them. Here are some of our favourite bits of star-worthy advice from the beauty experts.

Luis Pacheco, Clairol Consulting Colourist
Beauty tips:
Freshen up your look by quickly covering greys and extending the lifespan of your colour.

How to pull it off: Grey hairs can sometimes be hard to cover up. Pacheco’s secret solution? Reach for hair dyes that contain gold pigments — they cover grey locks well. For example, brunettes should “opt for a shade that’s a medium golden brown.” And to extend the lifespan of your colour? Pacheco says you should only retouch your hair’s roots. “Allow [colour] to process for the required time with a last-minute emulsification prior to rinsing it out. This helps to maintain the integrity and porosity of the hair,” he adds. “The more porous the hair, the less ability it will have to maintain its colour.”

Sandra Milligan, Boxx Cosmetics Founder
Beauty tips:
Look great instantly by brightening your eyes.

How to pull it off: Use “a cream eye brightener all around the eye socket,” says the Boxx Cosmetics Founder. “This will make you look bright and awake.” Another tip? Use a matte shadow in a grey or brown tone on your eyelid. “With a small shadow brush, start at the outer corner and work the shadow toward the inner corner of the eye. Cover the entire lid focusing depth of colour on the outer corner. Using one shadow to create a monochromatic matte eye is chic and edgy.” And when it comes to lining your eyes she suggests you opt for eyeshadow (applied with a short, firm-haired makeup brush) instead of an eyeliner pencil. “Eyeshadow is much easier to work with than a pencil liner and [is] forgiving on the delicate skin of eyelids.”

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Debbie Bondar FACE Atelier CEO
Beauty tips:
Bondar is full of advice, but three of her go-to tips include adding rouge to cheeks, properly applying concealer and avoiding certain colours on lips.

How to pull it off:
“When you
apply blush, smile broadly and apply it lightly to the apple of your cheeks. Dip a round or flat buffer brush into the blush and tap off the excess powder before it,” says Bondar. “Always start with less as it’s far easier to build a colour than it is to lighten it. Once the blush is applied, moving the brush over and around the apple eliminates lines and ensures the colour is blended into the rest of the face.”

And when it comes to concealer, always apply it after you’ve put on foundation. “You don’t know what the foundation will cover. It can double as a concealer.”

To create the perfect pout, Bondar suggests you look at the size of your lips. “Don’t wear dark colors if you have thin lips as it will make [them] look even thinner. Stick to lighter shades to make lips look fuller. For even more fullness, apply a bit of gloss on top to reflect the light.” And always use a good lip pencil: “[What you use] should be hard enough to create a crisp outline yet soft enough to easily fill in the rest of the lip. Line first then use the side of the pencil to fill in and blend.”

Greg Wencel, COVERGIRL Makeup Pro
Beauty tips:
One of Wencel’s favourite look-good-fast tips is to create the perfect smoky eye.

How to pull it off: “When
creating a smoky eye, a great trick to ensure it looks fresh and crisp is to do your eyes first and then clean any fallen powder or shadow with a makeup wipe. Then do your face makeup,” says Wencel. The product he uses to finish famous faces (après cleaning off any leftover eye makeup, of course) is COVERGIRL’s NatureLuxe Silk Foundation. The foundation, “replaces certain heavier synthetics with refreshing cucumber water, a hint of natural jojoba, rosehip extracts.”

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Caitlin Callahan, M.A.C Cosmetics Senior Artist
Beauty tips:
Always focus on your eyes, use a reflective concealer and skimp on foundation.

How to pull it off: “It still amazes me how many people don’t [curl their lashes or brush up their eyebrows].” She says paying attention to these little details will add an instant lift to your eyes, even if they’re tired. And using a brow gel is a must — to keep unruly brows in place. You should also, always (always) use an eyelash curler.

When it comes to concealer, she suggests avoiding anything that’s matte. “For blemishes or scars, matte concealers are fine, but anywhere near the eye you should use something dewy that will cover. And no matter what your age, anything too matte in the eye area is bad.” Why? Matte concealer will call attention to your trouble spots.

Another tip from Callahan is to skimp on foundation. According to her, people almost always apply too much of it. “Not everyone needs foundation and not everyone needs foundation over the entire face.” So focus your foundation energy on these key areas (where most people will benefit from it): forehead, around the nose, the inner cheek and chin. “Leave the rest of your skin natural. Use concealer for those areas you need more coverage.”

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