This month, Caley Skinner—our fearless, beauty-obsessed intern—test-drives makeup trends inspired by our round-up of the top 10 beauty how-to videos.

Today’s dare: Cobalt blue eyeshadow
Video inspiration: TotalBeautyTV’s
“The Makeup Trend You Have to Try”
Caley’s verdict: As an intern at ELLE Canada, I’m constantly exposed to new beauty ideas, but my latest project—choosing the top 10 beauty tutorial videos—has truly created a makeup monster. Yesterday I ventured into M.A.C.  in search of the perfect cobalt blue eyeshadow… and came out with several equally exciting new shades to add to my already overflowing collection. Having spent my younger years fantasizing about my future career as “that person who picks colours for the M.A.C. ads,” I am particularly susceptible to beauty propaganda. Today I experimented with “Deep Truth,” a gorgeous dark blue, which I smudged onto my whole eyelid, just up to the crease. I also tried out my newest obsession: primer! It may not sound exciting, but the silicone-based product makes your skin freakishly smooth and your makeup stay on all day. I like Smashbox’s “Photo Finish.” And, of course, I finished off my look with a nude lip—one of my biggest beauty rules is to only over-emphasize ONE feature at a time. Today it was my eyes, but tomorrow—who knows? I’ve basically got a department store’s-worth of makeup to play with back home!
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