Photo courtesy of the Windsor Arms Hotel Spa.

To scrub or not to scrub? These are the kinds of questions that come creeping up in the days leading up to a facial appointment. To help us decipher what’s appropriate pre-facial spa etiquette, we enlisted the help of Heather Hill, manager of spa operations at the
Windsor Arms Hotel Spa in Toronto.
What factors should you consider before booking a facial treatment? "It’s important to be clear how your skin reacts to certain products. What are the overall goals you’d like to achieve: facials rejuvenate aging skin, repair damaged skin and balance your skin to your needs."
Best time of day to schedule a facial? "The best time to book a facial is late afternoon, early evening if you work full-time, since this will allow the products to absorb into the skin and achieve the great benefits that a facial provides. It’s great to have a facial before a big event, especially if you’re having a collagen mask or glycolic peel, as long as the client has previously had these types of facials in the past to ensure that they do not react. Facials remove dry patches and hydrate the skin leaving it soft and smooth, allowing your make-up to blend into the skin rather than just sitting on the skin. Highly recommended to have a facial before a big event as long as your therapist does not do extractions. If you’re looking for extractions then we recommend having this type of facial two weeks before the big event to avoid risk of redness or breakouts."
The night before – anything to avoid? "Excess alcohol, since this can cause more visible signs of rosacea and broken capillaries in the skin. As well as caffeine, since this causes the skin to become dehydrated."
Can you arrive at the spa with a full face of makeup? "Yes, we do a full cleansing and exfoliation of the skin with all facials."
How long should you wait before booking your next appointment? "We recommend having a facial every four to six weeks, along with a home-care regimen. Although if you have not looked after your skin or are experiencing problems, then you may benefit from a weekly or by-weekly treatment until the skin improves. Regular facials reduce the signs of premature aging. Many facials include steaming and massaging the skin, this will increase blood circulation while removing all toxins. A good mask will also help detoxify and lift off dead skin cells."
Can you book any other appointments the same day as a facial? "Woman should avoid having laser facial treatments prior to having a facial the same day, as well as waxing since this can cause the skin to become irritated and reactive."
What happens if you’re running late for your appointment? "We suggest that you arrive 15 to 20 minutes prior to your treatment to ensure that you have plenty of time to enjoy the full spa experience. Being late can often result in losing treatment time and optimal relaxation of the overall experience for the client."
Any recommendations for facials the Windsor Arms Hotel Spa? "The Organic Oxygen Infusion Facial – it’s like a face lift without surgery. This highly effective treatment is considered a favorite among Hollywood elite and top beauty editors. Pure oxygen is infused into the skin with complementing serums and gels resulting in firmer, positively radiant skin."