A treatment room at Pure + Simple Spa.

Deluxe Salt Microdermabrasion Facial, $225 (approx. 90 mins)
Where: Pure + Simple Spa, 41 Avenue Road, Yorkville. 4 locations including Yonge and Eglinton, King Street West, and Oakville.
Spa vibe: A natural beauty playground – seriously. I arrived early for my
facial and perused the shelves of
Pure + Simple brand skin care products lining the Yorkville location before my esthetician, Benji, greeted me and asked if I wanted water or tea before the treatment. The staff was super friendly and on hand to answer my skin and health-related questions, plus offer tips on how to apply skin care products for best absorption (i.e. pat, don’t rub in natural sunblock – who knew?). After my treatment, they helped me select a concealer from their wall of
natural cosmetics to match my (still) sun-averse skin tone.
What: The best thing to happen to my face since glittery eyeshadow (back when that was totally acceptable). The treatment began with a warmed, sage-infused towel draped over my face to wipe away any product and prep my skin for the all-natural sea salt microdermabrasion. Next Benji gently runs the wand applicator over my face and neck, which buffs away the top layer of skin to leave a
smooth, glowing finish. A cold compress is then placed on my face before warmed pitta oil (specifically selected to sooth my sensitive skin) is massaged over top. That’s followed by extractions with a steamed mist and a cooling collagen mask. A scalp and neck massage caps off the treatment and completely cocoons me in my now-sleepy state of bliss. My skin instantly feels baby soft and refreshed, and Benji suggests three follow-up treatments to maximize the exfoliating effects and reduce pigmentation. And to maintain this state of relaxation? "I prescribe a holiday," Benji says with a laugh. "Or two!"
Luxe ingredients: Before the treatment begins, I informed staff of my
extra-sensitive skin and Benji tailored my treatment to include pitta oil for its gently purifying and calming properties. The treatment caps off with an application of natural sunblock to protect my newly exfoliated skin before I head back into the sun.
Bliss factor: 4 out of 5 aromatherapy oil drops. Soothing background music, a neck
and scalp massage, and did I mention my skin was glowing for the rest of the day?
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