Question: My skin is very sensitive when it comes to makeup – I usually get rashes when I use it. I would like to use makeup more often. Do you know any products that are good for really sensitive skin?

We turned to Holly Sherrard of the International Dermal Institute to answer this question. Here’s what she had to say. Artificial fragrance is the number one cause of allergic contact dermatitis and artificial colours can contribute to skin sensitization, so be sure to avoid these ingredients when purchasing any product. Look for products designed to heal and sooth your skin before you apply any makeup over top. Red Raspberry extract is a soothing ingredient which also acts as a natural antibiotic. Sea Buckthorn can regenerate tissues and treat existing inflammation. Silicones aid in barrier function inhibiting foreign substances from entering the skin. When these ingredients are used in synergistic blends sensitivity can be reduced.

Question: What are some must-have skin-care products that every woman should own? Nicky Calice, a senior spa consultant at virtual spa has some helpful tips on products that every woman should have in their skin-care regimen. Her top three picks are:

* 1. Anti-aging moisturizer: “A good moisturizer that helps repair visible signs of aging is a must. Moisturizers containing marine and/or plant collagen work really well.”

* 2. Instant wrinkle reducer: “Working in a similar way to Botox, these revolutionary products instantly plump the lines, often as much as 68 percent. This is a must for every social event — especially for those of you that go straight from the office out to a party. Anything with a pro-collagen ingredient will work wonders.”

* 3. Eye Gel: “For those of us who work all day at the computer or who don’t find they get enough sleep, a good eye gel is a must. Ingredients such as chamomile, mallow and horsetail are particularly effective for puffy eyes and dark circles.” Have more questions for Nicky? Visit for a free, live skin- and body-care consultation that includes personalized product recommendations offered at a 15 percent discount!

Question: How can I make my very dark brown eyes stand out? What colour eye shadow is best suited to my eye colour?

We got our friends over at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics to help us out with this question. “Nothing makes your eyes stand out like eyeliner. Make sure when lining your eyes that you apply from the inner to outer corner as lining half way will make your eyes look smaller. In general, it is fresher to have lighter colors on the lid rather than dark – light colors open up the eyes rather than make them look receded. For dark brown eyes try rich taupe, sable or mocha colors as your basics.”

Question: How do you pick the proper colour of blush for your individual skin tone? How and where do you apply it for a smooth, subtle look?

Melissa Gibson, makeup artist for M.A.C Cosmetics, help us pick out the perfect blush! To pick a blush go for a colour that is a ½ to full shade darker or brighter than your skin tone. Colour can vary depending on preferences like pinks or peaches. Use a brush with a very soft hair and that has a slight angle to it. This allows you to follow the line of the cheek area very easily and lets the brush do most of the work. The softer the hair on the brush the less product you are putting on the face. It is easier to build colour than to take away.

Question: How can I properly blow-dry my hair straight so it looks glossy and finished and holds for a long time?

Oh, to have perfect glossy straight hair! I feel your pain — so I asked my girl Pauline Brooks, a stylist at Delineation Hair & Spa Essentials in Toronto, to share her advice. Find out what she says here!

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