1. Cellulite reduction
Have those unsightly bubbles under the skin that make it impossible to go to the pool without wearing full body armour? Have no fear, with just a ½ cup of used coffee grounds and olive or grape seed oil you can reduce the look of cellulite by up to 50%.

“The coffee,” states Carmen Dedea — Director and Holistic Beauty Instructor for the Royal Beauty Institute in Toronto — “Will penetrate the open pores of the skin and break fat deposits into smaller particles. After the particles have broken apart they exit the system with the rest of the bodies toxins. The olive and grape seed oil work to give the outer layers of skin a smoother appearance.” Dedea also recommends rubbing the mixture onto the skin with an exfoliating sponge, in a high steam environment and leaving the mixture to stand for about 45 minutes for proper absorption.

2. Nail whitening
Haven’t had time to make it to the manicurist this month? Just mix one teaspoon of baking soda, coarse salt and lemon juice together with enough 3% hydrogen peroxide to make a thick paste and you have a nail whitening solution that is just as effective as an aggressive buff from the nail salon. Dedea recommends to leave the mixture on the nails for approximately 20 minutes and then wash the hands and rub the nails with olive oil to help restore the nail natural texture and shine.

3. Puffy eyes
The main trigger for puffy eyes is the consumption of salty foods or foods with preservatives. The easiest and most effective way of treating this mad morning monster is by applying a cold mix of crushed cucumber without seeds and juice from a leaf of aloe vera over two pieces of gauze damped in cold chamomile tea. Place the gauze directly on the eyes and after 30 minutes the puffy eyes will almost entirely disappear. Be careful warns Dedea; make sure to see a doctor if the eyes remain puffy for an extended period of time, permanent puffy eyes is a symptom of kidney malfunction and requires immediate medical attention.

4. Quick fix for a break-out
It’s the night before the hot date you have been dreaming about for months and of course you have just sprouted the Mt. Everest of Zits. “No problem”, States Dedea “Just wrap index fingers in gauze damped in cold water and apply gentle pressure until the zit is all cleaned out. After it is clean apply a few drops of lemon to kill any bacteria left behind and apply a tiny amount of Zincofax –a zinc cream with 40% zinc and found on the shelves of any pharmacy — and leave on overnight. The application of the cream will heal the spot and close the problem pores.”

5. Voluminous lips
Want juicy plump lips that make that hot red lipstick the focus of every man’s attention? Just brush lips with a eucalyptus stick before applying lipstick. The menthol in the eucalyptus will naturally plump up lips and give them a fuller and envious pout.

Maintaining a healthy beautiful body has never been easier and with these holistic tips and tricks it doesn’t have to be painful or expensive either.

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