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Beauty director Vanessa Craft shares her pre-party secret weapons.

Sometimes the best defence is a good offence. Just ask Dr. Michael Prager, who specializes in discreet and effective treatments that leave you with supermodel-like skin. When I’m in London, I make room in my schedule to hit up this esteemed doc’s West End office for his legendary Red Carpet Facial.

What it is
A combination of a chem­ical peel, mesotherapy (when vitamins and hyaluronic acid are massaged into the skin with an electronic device that makes your face jump around) and microderm rolling. Microderm rolling, or needling, is when a spiked ball is rolled across your face, creating numerous tiny in­juries to the skin that cause it to create new damage-fighting cells. It is said to work on everything from stretch marks to wrinkles.

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Pain factor
The face-jumping electric current during mesotherapy feels weird, and the dermaroller straight-up hurts. Even with a numbing cream, I used every deep-breathing-slash-Channing Tatum-fantasy scen­ario to survive those few minutes.

Recovery factor
Redness, but nothing that can’t be hidden with makeup.

Incredible—no kidding. The last time I had this facial, even though I was jet-lagged and exhausted, I was stopped and questioned by the immigration officer at customs on my way home; she refused to believe the age on my passport. #deathbedmemory.

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