6 New Year’s beauty resolutions

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1. Wear more red lipstick "Generally, blondes should look for a
warmer red and brunettes a red with a cooler blue undertone. But it’s really about differentiating between personal preference and style. Orange is a little trendier, while blue-red is more classic." – New York-based makeup artist Min Min Ma.
Vanessa Craft

2. Wear a sock bun There are two critical periods in any woman’s life: before the sock bun (oft signified by a sad, limp little twist of hair) and after (basking in the glory of a bountiful bun). It’s a game changer. Try it as a trendy, high topknot or at your nape for a
ballerina-inspired ‘do.
Kathryn Hudson
Step 1: First, cut the toe off your favourite sport sock.
Step 2: Make a ponytail and slip it through the sock hole, sliding the sock to the tip.
Step 3: Tuck the ends under and roll inward until you reach the top of your head.
Step 4: Secure your bun with a few bobby pins.

3. Choose a signature scent We all want to find that certain head-turning fragrance, but Nahla Saad, co-owner of Toronto niche-fragrance boutique Noor, knows that
creating a scent signature isn’t about sticking to one perfume – rather, it’s about having a wardrobe of perfumes in the same fragrance family. "Think of fragrance as a colour wheel," she explains. "If you love florals, that’s your red, but you can wear a floral with an oriental and create a pink. It’s still recognizable, but it adds some personality and depth."
Ally Dean

4. Then, learn to layer a fragrance Finding the right fragrant blend is about trial and error, but there are a few shortcuts. Nahla Saad recommends applying a warm, woody fragrance (oriental) before adding a light, fizzy scent (citrus or floral) on top to create the
best blend. "It’s also important to moisturize because dry skin won’t hold a scent and will actually distort the dry down," she says. Moisturize in the evening, though, since even unscented lotions hamper fragrances from blending.
Ally Dean

5. Choose the right makeup brushes Makeup artist Min Min Ma suggests these brushes:
Powder: Get the fluffiest brush possible for full coverage.
Blush and bronzer: Opt for a medium-sized natural-hair brush for powder and a synthetic brush for cream.
Eyeshadow: Try an all-around fluff brush and tap off any extra product.
Brows: An angled brush helps define brows, and it can also be dipped in water to create a cat-eye look. 
Amanda Chen
Out of these five beauty resolutions, which one will you try in 2012?

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