We’re constantly on the hunt for
flawless mascara that won’t stick, smudge or smear. But sometimes it’s not just about the actual mascara but also how you apply your mascara (warning: your techniques might not be so amazing). Turn clump free mascara into a reality with these pro eye makeup tips for perfectly fanned out lashes.


Mascara tips: Keep your mascara in a cool place

"Try to store your mascara in a cool location that does not have fluctuating temperatures," says CoverGirl Makeup Pro Veronica Chu. "Bathrooms aren’t great as the temperature will change with the use of a shower, fan etc., so a vanity in your bedroom would be ideal.
" This will ensure your mascara maintains its fluidity (also keep it out of the sun and heat) and help guarantee clump free lashes.

Mascara tips: Never let your mascara dry

eye makeup often appears because your first coat of mascara has dried on the lashes and is disturbed by a second layer. "My trick is to do one eye after the other so that the first coat of mascara does not dry and create clumps during the next," says Eddie Malter, Official Makeup Artist for L’Oreal Paris. "You can also remove any surplus mascara on the brush from time to time using a tissue lightly moistened with eye makeup remover to keep the product from drying out."


Mascara tips: Avoid pumping the mascara wand

One of the main culprits of clumping mascara? That in and out motion you make with a mascara wand in the tube before applying. "Take the brush out of the tube without pumping—it will already contain enough mascara. If you avoid pumping, less air gets into the tube and the mascara does not dry as fast for fewer clumps," Malter says. "Same with using old product,” adds Chu. “The benefits and design of the formula won’t be realized, so it’s best to try replacing your mascara every three months, if not sooner.”

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clump-free-mascara-02.jpgMascara tips: Clump free application
Believe it or not, there is a method to the clump free mascara madness (and no, it does not involve falsies or even a lash curler.) "Starting at the root of your lashes and with a back and forth motion, apply your mascara all the way up to the tip of the lash. Do this until all your lashes have been coated with the mascara for fully volumized and separated lashes," says Chu. (Try one or two coats of CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara for an expertly divided look.)

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Mascara tips: Take your time
Mascara is an art in its own right—meaning you need to take the time to apply it with care. "The more precise your application, the less clumps you will get. Spending the additional time to apply your mascara properly will allow for clump free, beautifully parted lashes," Chu says. "Women are often in a hurry and apply their mascara extremely fast. You should take an extra minute on each eye and apply mascara gently for fewer flakes and clumps," recommends Malter. Use a slow, super exact movement when applying your mascara to allow the product to adhere to and coat each individual lash—not the entire group—for clump free mascara that’s guaranteed to stay put.


Still seeing the odd clump here or there? “Use a clean mascara wand to comb through your lashes. It should pull off any excess formula that may be causing the clumps. But you’ll have to do it while the mascara is still fresh so you can separate your lashes before they dry together,” Chu says.

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