Want to look like effortless cool girl on the beach with hair undone, golden, glowing skin and impossibly fresh face? We all do. And rather than glaring at her with the jealous cut-eye, we found out how you can actually do it. We chatted with Jenny Smith, Lead Makeup Stylist for NARS to get her best tips on how to look flawless and gorgeous in as little time as possible (we’re talking a two minute summer makeup routine here, friends). Here are her three steps to effortless summer makeup.

“Make it a focus on the skin,” says Smith. “I always like to do a primer beforehand too, because if you’re going to take an extra 10 seconds, this is where you should do it to really get that flawless finish. Think about doing one thing to each feature (eyes, cheeks, lips). But the clean complexion is what makes you look perfected.”

1. Summer makeup: “When you’re thnking lazy girl makeup, literally one or two minutes and you’re running out the door, think tinted moisturizer,” says Smith. “Everyone wants their skin perfected. We’ve seen it all over the runways and the best way is with tinted moisturizer and maybe a touch of conclear where needed.”

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2. Summer makeup: Cream blush and bronzers are your summertime BFFs for your cheeks. “The Multiple (NARS’s iconic creamy blush stick) is great for creating a contour. Use a bronzey, slightly darker one to create contour along your cheekbone and work with your bone structure. The use lighter one for a little pop of colour on the apples of the cheek,” Smith advises. You can always go a bit brighter on your blush in the summer, so for that extra pop pick a vibrant pink for a healthy I just-spent-a-day-lounging-pool-side vibe. “Then just sweep on a light dusting of powder.”

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3. Summer makeup: If your summer life consists of going from the beach to out for a posh dinner (we want your life, btw), you can still stick with your basics above, but Smith gives tips on taking it up just a notch. “If you’ve been at the beach all day and you need to do something to look a little fresh, add a little mascara and then a slick of lip gloss. For an extra step you can just fill in your brows. ” Easy. Skin, cheeks, eyes and lips. Done and done.

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