Featured Story By : Tom White

Gobi Heat, a Colorado-based heated-apparel and heated-gear company, has announced its next step of international expansion. Currently, the company has an extensive presence in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand markets, providing innovative heated apparel and heated gear including jackets, blankets, hats, gloves and chairs. It intends to roll out its expansion plan in stages, with a special focus on Europe.

The first stage of the expansion plan, which covers the U.K., Canada and Germany, will be rolled out in late Q3 2023. The expansion scheduled for the subsequent years will cover most of Europe, including France, Sweden, Poland and other countries.

Gobi Heat was founded by Jaye Genung, who personally experienced the constant discomfort of cold temperatures. Using her experience, combined with inspiration from the extreme temperature fluctuations in the vast Gobi Desert, spanning Mongolia and China, the company embarked on a mission to provide warmth and comfort to everyone living in cold environments.

“I believe that heated apparel deserves more attention. No longer should the conversation be whether you are buying a coat or not but whether you are buying a heated coat or not,” says Genung. “I believe that the only reason this hasn’t happened [yet] is because of the lack of innovators within our industry. We have made substantial progress in changing this mindset [within] our current market, and this expansion will allow us to do this on a much larger scale.”

With its extensive range of heated clothing and heated gear, Gobi Heat has earned a reputation in the industry of contributing to substantial growth in the market. The company recently reached the significant milestone of selling over 200,000 innovative heated-apparel and heated-gear products.

Gobi Heat differentiates itself from the existing brands with its unwavering commitment to providing warmth, innovation and an excellent customer experience. With her expertise in product design and project management, Genung has designed and developed lightweight and discreet apparel with the support of a team of experts.

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