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Textile innovations that promote sustainability and reduce carbon footprints are gaining momentum thanks to today’s ecologically conscious consumers. The industry is witnessing game-changing advancements, from eco-friendly alternatives like pineapple-leaf leather and mushroom-root fabrics to cutting-edge materials that capture carbon emissions. However, the persistent use of over 1,500 synthetic chemicals in dyeing processes remains challenging amid these developments. A recent report by Greenpeace shed light on the harmful effects of these substances, revealing their potential as carcinogens, skin irritants and hormone disrupters.

Amid growing concerns, visionaries Michel May and Misa Muto recognized the urgent need to eliminate synthetic chemicals from textile production. Inspired by the traditional Japanese dyeing technique known as aizome, they co-founded AIZOME, a Japanese-German textile start-up with a distinct philosophy. Now, they’re demonstrating their commitment to innovation and testing the limits of their technology with the new WASTECARE facial serum—a premium skincare product that’s made with industrial waste from their textile production.

“At AIZOME, we firmly believe that textiles should not only be harmless but also contribute to our well-being,” says Muto. The fact that she and May intend for their business to have zero adverse effects on the environment sets them apart. This commitment led them to explore the vast potential of medicinal plants as natural dye sources.


AIZOME revolutionized the art of plant dyeing by developing AIZOME ULTRA, a groundbreaking ultrasonic dyeing method that permanently binds plant molecules to fabric fibres. Dr. Sudeep Motupalli Rao, head scientist and founder of SLOWTECH Labs, highlights the significance of AIZOME’s technology. “[Embracing] decades of research showing the therapeutic benefits of natural dyes, AIZOME ULTRA makes use of a natural, ageless resource: plants,” he says.

This innovation creates soft, hypoallergenic and antibacterial textiles that retain vibrant colours and health benefits over time. Using plant-based dyes from indigo, rubia and sumac, AIZOME infuses its textiles with health advantages such as anti-inflammation, antioxidation, regulation of blood circulation, pain relief and stress reduction.

Customers—especially those with skin conditions like eczema—have praised the therapeutic properties of AIZOME’s plant-derived bioactive ingredients. The technology has earned recognition from the National Eczema Association and significantly improves the quality of life for individuals with sensitive skin.

AIZOME’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its production process, which only uses plant-based dyes and avoids synthetic chemicals. Further demonstrating its dedication to innovative waste repurposing, AIZOME introduces WASTECARE, a groundbreaking skincare product derived from the waste water of its textile-dyeing factory. Through rigorous testing and certification, WASTECARE meets stringent eco-toxicological and cosmetic safety standards, ensuring its integrity and your peace of mind. Packaged in a medical-grade vial and encased with fully recycled materials, this transformative innovation is as environmentally conscious as it is effective.

Redefining Industry Standards

Greenwashing, the deceptive practice of making false or misleading sustainability claims, poses challenges for genuinely sustainable companies. Lynda Grose, chair of fashion design at the California College of the Arts, recognizes the prevalence of greenwashing in the textile industry. “We can’t let that distract us from the real breakthroughs that are being made,” she says, emphasizing the importance of discernment.

AIZOME’s dedication to sustainability stands in stark contrast to that of other multinational energy conglomerates, such as one brand that was recently called out for climate greenwashing and received harsh criticism for its most recent emissions campaign. To promote the adoption of radically sustainable methods, AIZOME has distributed WASTECARE to influential figures in the industry and plans to present it at pop-up shops, trade shows and conferences.

AIZOME is redefining the future of textiles and health care by combining technological innovation, traditional craftsmanship and a strong commitment to transparency. Its vision extends beyond aesthetics, encompassing a profound understanding of the impacts of textiles on well-being. AIZOME’s pioneering efforts represent a paradigm shift in the industry, emphasizing that fashion can not only be beautiful but also promote a healthier and more sustainable world.

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