Featured story by: Tom White


The fusion of creativity and technology has ushered in a new era of entrepreneurship. Artists, designers and creators are harnessing cutting-edge tools like 3-D printing to turn their passions into lucrative careers.

Rolyat is a Twitch star known for creating elaborate and innovative cosplay costumes. Drawing from the worlds of gaming, movies and pop culture, she has turned a childhood love of crafting into millionaire earnings and a thriving online empire. How? Let’s explore her journey.



Crafting has come a long way since the days of scissors and glue. While traditional skills like sewing, painting and handcrafting remain essential, technology has added an entirely new dimension to the creative world. Three-dimensional printing, in particular, has opened up possibilities for intricate designs and personalized creations. Rolyat exemplifies this modern intersection of crafts and technology. Using 3-D printing, sewing, hand-painting and various other complex creation methods, she’s crafted a portfolio of costumes that are not just wearable art but are groundbreaking in their originality.

And her creativity has been rewarded. Not only is she a talented maker of costumes but she wears and models them to the delight of millions. She has over 1.3 million followers on Instagram, plus almost a million on Twitter, and is recognized as one of the hottest rising stars on Twitch. That following has led to her dreams coming true: offers from major brands and earning more money than she could ever have dreamed of.

Recently, Rolyat’s success has reached new heights, with interest from major studios and cast directors (prior to the strike) as well as offers from brands—though she plans to wait to find a brand partnership that is authentic to her and her community.

Building a career around crafting requires more than just artistic talent. It takes courage. Before she attained this success, Rolyat was planning to attend university. She had already developed a love of creating cosplay fashions but thought of this as just an expensive hobby. She gave herself a mission: She needed to start university, but she would do one last cosplay creation. She’d get it out of her system and then start her “traditional career.” She poured her heart into making the costume, and when she shared it to her nascent online following, it went viral. New followers flooded in. “Hmm…okay, maybe just one more costume,” she said to herself. That one last costume became one more costume, which became the launch of a dazzling career as an online creator.

Turning a hobby into a career isn’t a new concept, but it’s one that has taken on a fresh twist with the rise of platforms like Twitch and the availability of technologies like 3-D printing. What sets Rolyat apart is her willingness to explore these complex methods, transforming her love of crafts into a viable business. Her journey sheds light on the possibilities that lie within the world of modern crafting. It’s no longer just about making something beautiful; it’s about innovation, marketing and creating something that’s uniquely your own.

Cosplay isn’t just dressing up; it’s a form of self-expression, art and community. The dedication to authenticity, craftsmanship and innovation in costume design resonates with a wide audience. By leveraging her talents in sewing, 3-D printing and painting, Rolyat has contributed to the ever-growing popularity of this artistic medium.

In a world where creativity meets technology, the opportunities are limitless. The next big Twitch star could be you—sewing machine and 3-D printer at the ready and crafting not just art but a future filled with endless potential.


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