Forget “must love dogs”: “Must love Mickey” is what the latest niche dating site is all about!

Mouse Mingle is a newly launched digital matchmaker for every Donald looking for his Daisy, every Cinderalla still in search of her prince, and of course, all those Pepe Le Pew’s dreaming of finding that someone who’ll love them just as they are…Little Mermaid snowglobe collection and all.

It’s not vastly different from eHarmony or Match in how it works, bar the fact that instead of being asked for your hobbies, this site’s profile questionnaire asks about your favourite Disney princess, whether or not you have an annual pass to the park, and how far your nearest Disney location is.

And if you’re happily hitched but still lonely in your Disney enthusiasm? Fear not! The site also has an option for people just looking for a “Park Pal” when your wife won’t go on the Its a Small World ride one more time with you.


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