Many engaged couples have been juggling wedding plans around changing COVID-19 restrictions since 2020. Even under ideal circumstances, something unexpected can mean postponing or even cancelling the big day, but add in the uncertainty of a global pandemic, and planning becomes more difficult. 

The year of the wedding

Couples who had to adjust their plans are finally looking forward to getting the chance to say their vows, but with the addition of couples who got engaged more recently, this season could be one of the busiest for weddings in years. Insuring a wedding can help provide some peace of mind for one of the biggest days in a couple’s lives.

Plan for the unexpected

It’s good practice to carve out a plan B—like renting a tent in case of rain at an outdoor ceremony—but wedding insurance can provide coverage if the wedding is cancelled or if there are mishaps, such as a missing wedding cake or a florist that goes out of business. Allstate Canada can help couples with protection for special events, both leading up to the ceremony and even after all the toasts and congratulations.

What does wedding insurance cover?

Every wedding is different, but insurance can protect a couple’s investment in this major event, and there are packages available to fit many budgets.

Wedding insurance can cover damage to property or medical expenses if someone gets injured, but it can also extend to many other things, such as deposits paid to vendors who don’t come through. If the photographer doesn’t show up, for example, wedding insurance can pay for the extra expense to retake the photos.

Couples can also protect their investment in gowns, tuxedos and wedding bands—and more, including wedding gifts that have been damaged or lost, even if it happens in transit between the venue and home—in the event of loss or damage.

Rented tents, tables, chairs, stages and audio and visual equipment can also be covered. Couples can even protect themselves against the loss of pre-paid, non-refundable costs of travel for the honeymoon if the actual wedding is cancelled. Coverage is even available for destination weddings.

Where can I get wedding insurance?

If you have questions about wedding insurance, visit to find your nearest agent.

This information has been provided for your convenience only and should not be construed as providing legal or insurance advice.

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