A thank-you note takes five minutes, and you can write it while watching Pretty Little Liars reruns. Win!





Emily Post scions Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning are just as manners-obsessed as their great-great-grandmother was. So they started a podcast, Awesome Etiquette, in which they answer listeners’ queries — from what to do at the salon if you don’t feel like talking (tell your stylist that you could use some quiet time and put on your headphones) to how to make amends if you overimbibe and say something you regret to your oldest friend. (Call — don’t text — to apologize. Say you took things a bit too far, you feel bad and you want to make sure you didn’t hurt their feelings.)




Heading to NYC for a weekend? Skip the boozy brunch and hit The Plaza, where legendary finishing school Beaumont Etiquette hosts week end seminars with lessons big and small, like which cheek to air-kiss first (the right one) and how to properly hold a wineglass. Stick around for afternoon tea—pinkies up, of course.



Table setting ?can seem confusing ?until you know a few simple tricks I love sharing to help you remember! ?Don’t worry.. I’m here to help you all! ?Feel free to ask questions & I’ll answer in the comment section ?My Top 5 Setting Tips: 1.) You can remember which side the bread plate & drinks go on by remembering BMW – going from left to right…Bread-Meal-Water 2. ) Fork goes on the left – it has 4 prongs and left has 4 letters 3.) The napkin is folded and placed in the center of the plate 4.) The water glass is placed directly above the main dining knife 5.) Only put down the silverware you need to enjoy the meal – so if you’re only serving one course, you would only need one fork (and not two as shown in photo). ?? Beauty of a setting by @em_henderson *Note the above is an America table setting #etiquette #tablesetting #holiday #dining

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