When your to-do list is daunting, you spend most of your energy figuring out “how” to accomplish those tasks instead of asking “why” you should even be doing them in the first place. (Or, maybe that’s just me!) Perhaps this explains the appeal of Amanda Lang’s new book,
The Power of Why: Simple Questions That Lead to Success. Lang, senior business correspondent for
CBC News and co-host of
The Lang & O’Leary Exchange, explores the holy grail of innovation. She distills the latest research on the subject, but it’s the interviews with innovators—everyone from the founder of the Four Seasons hotel chain to the woman behind the Prairie Girl Bakery cupcake chain—that are most compelling. As Lang writes in her conclusion, the key ingredient is curiosity. “If you’re able to keep it alive, stoke it and then follow it where it takes you, you will find success—however you measure it.”
Here are the top 10 curiosity-inducing ideas I found in Lang’s book.