Summer camp in the early ‘00s embraced a particular aesthetic, one best defined by its awkwardness. Our pre-pubescent teenage bodies were awkward and so too were the clothes—we sported loud colours, too much tie-dye, and idiosyncratic cuts. While we certainly don’t want to be thirteen again, we’re low-key yearning for a return to our dorky summer camp style. Luckily, summer ’21 is bringing back Y2K’s most iconic summer camp looks with emerging brands like Collina Strada, Marshall Columbia, and STORY mfg. all tapping into the trend. We’re seeing neon bike shorts, butterfly-printed bucket hats, oversized graphic tees with uplifting slogans, and beaded accessories everywhere. Sure, the silhouettes are slightly bizarre and the patterns clash but this quirky laissez-faire attitude to dress is indisputably endearing.