Whether you’re in the market for matrimonial hardware, or, you know, “just looking,” read on for the top engagement ring trends in 2021—pieces with modern design details and everlasting appeal.

Trend 1: Blue Gems

Never dreamed of a diamond solitaire? There’s a wedding-worthy blue stone with your name on it. Tradition may point to a sparkling sapphire, but opting for this gem doesn’t have to mean committing to that deep, Heart-of-the-Ocean type of blue: look for an ultra-contemporary Montana sapphire for one that’s tinged a greenish-grey, or a prismatic Ceylon version that’s as bright as a midsummer sky. If budget is top of mind, you might consider blue topaz or aquamarine, two enduring options that are revered for their glittering clarity.

brockton saphire engagement ring

Sapphire Engagement Ring, Brockton Gems

Price: $2,650

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mateo blue topaz engagement ring

14k Blue Topaz Point of Focus Ring, Mateo

Price: $1,747

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bluboho Endless Dahlia engagement ring

Beloved Endless Dahlia Ring, Bluboho

Price: $3,998

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Trend 2: Compass Settings

Among the many elements to consider when dreaming up your forever ring, we bet you haven’t paid much mind to prong orientation. The compass setting is about to change that. This on-the-rise feature aligns its prongs to the cardinal points on a compass: north, south, east and west. The enchanting result is an elongated, and, in some cases, more flattering setting for your centre gem compared to the customary “box” setting. Sure, it might be the type of design detail that maybe only you will notice, but when it comes to your ring, it really is the little things that count.

Emerald Point Equilibrium Ring

Emerald Point Equilibrium Ring, Jennie Kwon Designs

Price: $740

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Rose Marquis Champagne Ring, Era

Price: $2,525

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The Curator Ring, Vrai

Starting at $2,470

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Trend 3: Toi et Moi Rings

Call it the Ariana Grande effect: undeniably romantic toi et moi rings—you and me, for those whose French is a little rusty—are set to dethrone the three-stone trend in 2021. After the soon-to-be-betrothed star debuted her oval-cut-diamond-and-pearl sparkler, it had us entirely rethinking what an engagement ring could look like: A set of side-by-side diamonds—one princess cut, the other round? Absolutely. A pair of petite peridots flanking a pavé-covered band? You got it. Any way you slice it, two is looking a whole lot better than one.

WWAKE Medium Mosaic Ring

Medium Mosaic Ring No. 1, WWAKE

Price: $4,850

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Birthstone Pave Apex Ring, Sophie Ratner

Price: $985

Yasmin Ring, Ceremony

Price upon request

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Trend 4: Chunky Bands

One way to make a big impact without splurging on a substantial stone: supersize your band. We’re talking dialed-up elegance, the kind that says a lot without a whisper of garishness. Need a visual? Think a clean-lined cigar band encrusted with gleaming blossoms (made from a handful of marquise diamonds, natch), or a minimalist-inspired, curvilinear band that envelops an oval cut stone. Our only word of caution: try on a few weightier options beforehand so you know you’re comfortable with committing to a heavier hand.

Meadowlark Claude Ring with Green Sapphire,

Claude Ring with Green Sapphire, Meadowlark

Price: $3,244

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Blossoms ID Band, Foundrae

Price: $3,243

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Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, Ecksand

Starting at $3,200

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Trend 5: Vintage-Looking Rings

Fancy yourself a bit of nostalgia? Out-of-the-box antique rings have been gaining steam for some time, but this year, all signs point towards classic Art Deco references (hallmarks include intricate stonework, glamorous use of coloured gems and layered geometric shapes.) Leaning in this opulent direction is a sure-fire way to draw attention to all the timeless charm without your ring looking like a costumey, estate sale find.

Attic Wild Heart Ring

Wild Heart Ring, Attic

Price: $2,300

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The Lilou Ring Setting, Après Jewelry

Starting at $3,435

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Gatsby Ring Rose, Erin Tracy

Price: $5,700

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