Michael Kors chose the penthouse of New York’s Edition Hotel—once the world’s tallest building—to present the brand’s new sterling-silver jewellery. But not even the bird’s-eye views of Lower Manhattan and the Flatiron could pull the focus away from the pieces on display. The line, which features elements of fine-jewellery design such as 14-karat gold and semi-precious stones, is delicate enough to feel special yet fashion-forward enough to leave an impression. “I love big, bold statement jewellery,” says Kors, “but for this collection, I wanted to create the kinds of personal, lasting pieces that a woman wears every day.” Pendants in the shape of a padlock (a Kors signature borrowed from his bags) come in multiple colours to represent each birthstone-—although the designer is quick to emphasize that you should wear whichever one you like, regardless of your birth month. Thin-banded bracelets and rings of gold, silver and rose gold can be nested together to create a custom look. Then there are the charms, which Kors likens to wearable memories. They range from playful, like a miniature of the designer’s omni-present aviator glasses, to classic, like an evil-eye charm studded with sapphire-hued quartz. The charms can be slipped onto C-shaped bracelets or dangle from a threadlike chain. Old-school rules don’t apply here—you can stack a rose-gold bracelet with a silver one and wear the pieces with anything. And that’s because, according to Kors, “the lines are blurring between formal and casual.” Now, a weighty chain-link necklace can feel as effortless and shrugged off as a pair of love-worn jeans. All you need is the right attitude.




14-karat-gold-plated-metal necklace and bracelet ($245 each)