Rule #1: Tag team

Solo shopping can be very rewarding on almost any occasion other than Boxing Day. The key to finding what you’re looking for on one of the busiest shopping days of the year is to have help. The term “dynamic duo” wasn’t invented for nothing. Enlist the help of your most trusted fashion ally (you don’t want to find the marked down sweater of your dreams only to have your BFF fight you for it). What is a fashion ally? It’s someone who will talk you down from buying that feather-adorned pink mini but who will insist you add a pair of flatform brogues to your basket.

Rule #2: Pre-shop

Doing your research means you’ll be better prepared for what’s to come. If you’re on the hunt for something specific, head to the store of your choice before boxing day to make sure they carry what you’re looking for. Not all stores are created equal: while one location may stock the coat you’ve been obsessed with since the start of the season another may have opted for a different model. Pre-shopping doesn’t stop at browsing. Try things on. You never know what you’ll fall for, so if you know what fits before you enter the madness, you’ll be more likely to avoid analysis paralysis, which is the killer of fashion dreams.

Rule #3: Make a list. Memorize it.

Boxing day isn’t the day to be spontaneous. Okay, you can be spontaneous only if you see something you forgot you needed and/or wanted, but otherwise stick to your list. A list is helpful because setting priorities will allow you to focus. Do you really need to shop for a dress for your second cousin’s spring wedding today? Wouldn’t it be far more practical to stock up on cozy knits?

Rule #4: Dress smart

Cool it with the layers; you don’t want to be a big sweaty mess after one changing-room session. Also, leave the lace-up thigh-high boots behind for today and wear a cross-body bag. Remember, convenience is key. You want both your hands free. Oh, and don’t wear a dress because you’ll be topless when trying on pants and bottomless when trying on tops. It’s a lose-lose situation. Trust us.

Rule #5: Bring a snack

Depending on your stamina, you may get peckish during you shopping journey and no one knows the wrath of the hangry shopper more than the hangry shopgirl. Be kind. Behave. It’s just a sweater.


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