IPad destiny and dreams

By Beatriz Juarez, Elle Canada’s Art Director. I’ve never considered myself to be a superficial person. Or, at least that is what I’d like to think. Considering that I’ve worked in fashion magazines for more than a decade, I still see myself as someone who prefers simple things, spending time with friends, chatting about Mexican soap operas and singing cheesy pop tunes out loud. (Vanilla Ice’s “Ice, Ice, Baby!”) I have a weakness for Hermés scarves (the Jeu Des Omnibus et Dames Blanches, being my most recent indulgence.) Then there’s my fondness for handbags—I’m under the spell of a purple suede Proenza Schouler at the moment, but the $3,000 price tag holds me back. But… retail resistance was futile when it came to my latest love affair—the G3 iPad. Unlike Noreen (see "IPad envy" blog below) I’m more akin to Lara (also, see "Addicted to accessories"blog below) when it comes to all things techie. My laptop and iPod were presents from my ex, which I never really wanted, but eventually got used to them. I also own an iPhone (courtesy of my ex as well), but I only have it on when I go out. Last week, I was having dinner with my dear friend Honor, and her husband, Nick who spent most of the night playing with his new iPad. He showed me all the applications, including some features from some magazines. I thought it was cool, but I didn’t feel I needed one. Then on the walk home,  it came to me—this vision of me sipping coffee in one of my favorite places in NYC, Café Mogador and working with this gorgeous, thin, slick piece of technology. The seed was planted. I suddenly NEEDED an iPad. I checked my finances and set off to the Eaton’s Centre Apple store the next day and put my name on a waiting list. This isn’t the first time an “spontaneous vision” influenced my life. I’m a graphic designer now because when I was 18, and touring the university campus that I wanted to attend,  I saw a group of young women wearing chic white lab coats and carrying stylish paint and brush cases. I asked them, “What are you studying?” And they replied “Graphic Design.” That was all it took. I enrolled in the program that fall and insisted my mother buy me the most expensive brush case. I never thought graphic design would be my calling, but I fell in love with it and the romance goes on today. I just received an email that my iPad has arrived. After work today, I’ll be heading off to purchase my first gadget that I’m buying for myself and as with my Hermés scarves, I can’t wait to show it (and pay it) off. And as with my career, I hope the romance goes on for many years.