Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel dressed women in clothing made from fluid jersey long before such liberating garb was the norm. In 1955, she created a bag meant to be worn on a woman’s body and move with her instead of weighing her down—yet again modernizing women’s lives through their wardrobes. This season, Karl Lagerfeld has reimagined that bag—which he named after Coco—with the same bold elegance and practical appeal. Meet the Gabrielle handbag. We think you’ll like her.

Here are the key features to know:

The Logo 

A subtle flash of logomania comes courtesy of an oversized zipper pull that can
be discreetly tucked away or left on display.

The Material 

The bag’s crumpled-calfskin body was made with some slouch—all the better to accommodate your wallet, phone and a week’s worth of lipstick options. It comes in solid colours, like this shiny black, or bicoloured versions, like timeless black and nude. 

The Shape

The carryall’s most distinctive feature is its rigid bottom half. Inspired by the shape of virtual-reality goggles and vintage binoculars cases, the base was moulded to fit to the curve of your hip.

The Straps

The dual-metal hardware reinforces the message that mixing gold and silver is de rigueur. The adjustable straps let you wear the bag several ways: on the shoulder, as a clutch or across
the body. See the video below for a demonstration.