Who “[For fall], I was inspired by women who exude a New York sensibility and style, like Diane Keaton when she was making Woody Allen movies, Gena Rowlands and Stockard Channing. They’re smart, intelligent and stylish. Their no-nonsense chic is not necessarily about what they wore or what their characters wore but what they epitomized: a kind of fast-talking, can-get-around-town-on-her-own woman. I used these icons as a mirror so that we can remember that this is where the modern woman comes from.”

“I try to keep my eyes open to everything. Zadie Smith wrote an amazing short story in The New Yorker. She imagined Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor leaving Manhattan on the day of 9/11, getting in a car and going. I really admire someone who can take that kind of artistry and irreverence and do it so well. Her artistry inspires
me to think outside the box.”

Where “Tokyo always has one foot that seems historical and
one that seems science fiction.”

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