We’ve officially reached the hot season: sticky, soupy air and unrelenting sunshine all but thwarting your style game. But you don’t have to live in your swimsuit all summer long (that is, unless you want to); these style-sensible suggestions prove otherwise. Here, eight heatproof ideas that’ll convince you to bail the AC and soak up every minute of this glorious weather.

Vintage dress + athletic socks + sneakers 

If you’ve ever scooped yourself a vintage dress—the type that’s done up in a ditzy floral and delicately picks up with the wind—you know it’s a summer staple. Paired with squeaky clean sneakers, athletic socks and piles of gold jewels, it’s as on the mark style-wise as it is practical.

Bikini top + cotton-y matching set 

Okay, so I know we said swimsuits don’t have to be your exclusive summer wardrobe, but this summering-in-Muskoka look is a good enough excuse to anyway. Make it work beyond the pool deck by choosing a bikini top in a heavier fabric, then capping it with an airy two-piece made from crisp shirting.

Head-to-toe linen + tough sandals 

The official fabric of summer? Forever and always linen. Quick-drying, breathable and undeniably elegant, it’s the kind of material that warrants ankle-length pants and a blouse, even when the humidity is off the charts. Balance out the breeziness with a pair of masculine-leaning sandals that can take you from patio brunches to boardwalk strolls with ease.

Crochet halter dress + mixed jewels 

A highly wearable relic of the early 2000s, the knitted halter dress is this season’s hot weather essential. Here, you can play fast and loose with your jewellery—a medley of pearls, beads and bangles, plus a two-tone bracelet-style watch taking all the design cues from the ’80s—which elevates the piece from beachwear to wear anywhere.

Pleated mini + crinkly button-down 

A muggy forecast calls for a lighter-than-air look. Enter the pleated polyester mini plus relaxed button-down, a cool coupling that’ll barely register as wearing any clothes. Bonus points if you plan to pull off this juicy watermelon colour combo—an unexpected one and yet a totally fitting tribute to the summer season.

Cropped tank + basketball shorts + fresh sneakers 

Maybe you’ve never considered basketball shorts as a bottoms option, but they make a ton of sense in the summer. Think about it: if they’re good enough for getting sweaty on the court, they’re good enough for searing temps. Accompanied by a lightweight tank and 2000s-era accessories, this is a sporty leaning look even unathletic types can get into.

Gingham coord. set + colourful kicks + large hoops

If you’ve skipped out on gingham and its preppy iterations in the past, consider this low-key, two-piece take. The billowy, just barely cropped top and tiered skirt promise a well-ventilated experience, while a pair of colour-blocked sneakers and gold hoops help propel the print from squeaky clean to totally laid back.

Asymmetric athleisure separates + understated extras  

Spandex? In the height of summer? Hear us out. With city bike rides, softball games and late-night dance parties (remember those?) on the agenda, pieces that move with you are ace. An all-black palette remains the optimal canvas for simple, well-done accessories, but also allows you to really get moving (read: discreet sweat spots).

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