There’s nothing sadder than investing in a killer new wardrobe of on-trend pieces each season, only to have to toss most of them away by then end of it (R.I.P.). While our wardrobes could benefit from a good spring cleanup right about now, there’s a way to whittle down to the essentials—pieces that can transition into the next season and ones that get stowed away for next season—and part amicably with the rest. Alexis Honce, a Toronto-based fashion stylist, shares her top tips for how to spring clean your wardrobe, and maintain a well-curated closet each season.

Spring clean your wardrobe: Time to edit

Set aside a couple of hours on the weekend to comb through your wardrobe—that way you won’t feel rushed into making any rash decisions. “You’ll need to go through your entire closet and this will take a while,” says Honce. “I think every woman should love all the pieces in her closet, so that’s where you start—any pieces you love, you keep. If you don’t love it, set it aside.”

Spring clean your wardrobe: Learn to let go

There comes a point where you must part with the pieces in your closet that are damaged or that you never wear (and let’s be honest, never will). But do so wisely: “Toss pieces that were super trendy and that you haven’t worn in the last few months,” advises Honce.

If a piece doesn’t quite fit right but you don’t feel is worth the price of alteration? “Toss it!” Consider donating previously loved (and gently worn) pieces or sending them to a consignment shop. “That way you actually can make some money off these pieces that don’t work in your closet anymore.”

Spring clean your wardrobe: Hang on to the classics

Since trends come and go, there are pieces that you can stow away and bring back in the appropriate season. “Metallics always come back in fashion, so those sequin dresses or
metallic pumps you bought for the holidays will still be super hot over the next couple seasons,” says Honce. “Plus these are fun pieces to keep when your outfit needs a little wow factor.”

Of course, there are your fashion investment pieces
that will never go out of style. “Always keep your staples—a great fitting pair of black dress pants, silk shirts, and luxurious knits. They work in every season!” And hang on to your leather boots and over-sized jackets for next winter as well. Bonus? “Packing all these pieces away will make room for your fabulous new spring purchases,” says Honce.

Spring clean your wardrobe: Shop for pieces with longevity

When adding to your wardrobe at the beginning of spring, keep super on-trend pieces to a minimum. “They will look great for a season or two but often they don’t last more then a year,” says Honce. Instead, invest in a closet full of staples, and then mix in
on-trend pieces at a more affordable price point.

Spring clean your wardrobe: Shop for investment pieces

As for the investment pieces that will take you from spring into early fall, look for a denim shirt, black waxed jeans, a great pair of booties for day, a thin leather jacket and a luxurious light knit sweater. “The best fashion advice I can give is to find your own style and don’t transform your look each season, depending on which trends are hot.”

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