Toronto Fashion Week Fall 2015: 5 minutes with Malorie Urbanovitch

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Malorie-Urbanovitch-toronto-fashion-week-fall-2015-headshotPhoto courtesy of Aaron Pedersen.

Meet Malorie Urbanovitch, the
Canadian designer on fire! Case in point: The Edmonton-based designer founded her ready-to-wear line in 2012, became the Mercedes-Benz Start Up winner in 2013/2014 and has been delighting the front row at
Toronto Fashion Week ever since. Before her Fall 2015 runway presentation, we chatted with the one and only Malorie Urbanovitch to discuss her pre-show ritual, good luck charm and the craziest thing that’s ever happened to her backstage.
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What’s your morning of ritual? "I’m usually going over every piece and meticulously snipping loose threads and obsessing over every little detail…with a face mask on."
What’s your good luck charm? "I carry around a chestnut that one of my knitters (who is also a dear friend) found on a tree in an alley in Edmonton. She is from Poland and they grow everywhere there. She said it was the only one she’s ever seen here, and that I should keep it for good energy. Its shape and smooth surface makes it very pleasing to hold."
What will you be wearing to your show? "I usually come up with something last minute. Maybe I’ll put on some sensible heels if I’m feeling ambitious."
Will you do a finale walk or just a bow? "I’ll be lucky if I manage to get my whole body in front of the curtain before I run backstage! For my first couple shows, I just popped my head out and waved but everyone got really mad at me. So now I try to count to three before I turn back. I wouldn’t say I’m shy, but I don’t like to be in the spotlight. A finale walk is completely out of the question!"
What do you usually eat on the day of the show? "Whatever I can get my paws on. No time for lunch breaks! But I do try to drink a ton of water."
What do you usually do on the night after the show? "We have a tradition of going to a dive karaoke bar in Toronto and eating tons of greasy food and drinking tequila and singing our hearts out. It’s the best."
What do you usually do on the day after a show? "There are usually some loose ends to tie up but mostly I relax to the max. Lots of couch and T.V. time."
What is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you before a show? "We have, ahem, more than once, had deliveries of handbags and other items coming from our manufacturers in Europe arrive in Toronto just a couple hours before the show. Stressful to say the least!"
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