Warren Steven Scott


Warren Steven Scott marked his namesake brand’s fifth anniversary with a career first: He developed a new collection in cast metal. Inspired by childhood memories of the vibrant-blue chicory plant, the limited-edition pieces revolve around botany and feature segments of flowers. For Scott, this season’s must-have is rooted not in aesthetics but in a feeling of connection. “How are we relating to these pieces that we’re going to adorn ourselves with?” he asks.


“A lot of designers are using enamel in cool and interesting ways,” says Scott. “It almost looks like potterywork the way it’s decorated.” Another remix of a classic style that’s proven popular among Scott’s clientele is hoops embellished with unexpected materials and dangling components. “I took remnants of overproduced earrings from a previous collection and hung them off larger, one-inch hoops,” he says.


“Pins and brooches are always a good area to experiment with dimensions of pieces and the amount of play you can have with them,” says Scott. He points to the wearability of these accessories and the way they can be used to accent clothing for that perfect finishing flourish. Plus, he says, even when one is just sitting in a dish on the vanity, it looks and feels like art. “It’s nice to have these pieces that anyone could potentially use and [that can be] this other home-decor element.”

Wolf Circus


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“With the recession, we’re focusing on styles that are more attainable,” says Wolf Circus owner Fiona Morrison. Customers are being more conscientious with their purchases now, so the Vancouver brand is redesigning its core collection to create “perfect” versions of all its staples. In the other direction, she’s craving colourful oversized gemstones that offer a playful retro vibe. “I’m into your grandmother’s big blue rectangular sapphire earrings with little rhinestones around them,” she says. “[I’m into] something from that era but bringing it back with tailored dressing and fun vintage shirts.”


Since launching in 2019, Wolf Circus’ unisex collection has remained popular season after season. According to Morrison, shoppers are eschewing simple stacking rings and dainty pieces in favour of chunkier, more masculine designs, such as large signet rings and thicker chains.


Whenever Morrison is designing a new piece, she starts by imagining the outfit she wants to accessorize. “This fall, I want to be wearing a long pleated wool skirt and a unique top, like a mesh zip-up, with boots and a leather trench coat,” she says. “I’d love to hang a cool chain from the belt loop of the skirt and a cute little charm on a vintage bag.” Try thinking outside of the typical jewellery areas when styling, she says, and experiment with things like belly chains and key chains.



When the temperature drops, it’s all about choosing easy pieces that won’t be swallowed by your puffer coat, says Monoxide founder Tyler Ferguson. “In Canada, it’s going to be colder, so we’ll be wearing more sweaters, turtlenecks and coats with higher necklines,” adds the Toronto designer. Her picks? “Long earrings with unexpected twists, stacking cuffs and chunky chains that can stand out against thicker layers.”


Silver may have made its official comeback, but gold isn’t going anywhere, says Ferguson. “It’s warmer, and it reminds us of the sun, which is always lacking during the winter.”


“Earrings are the easiest way to dress up an outfit and give it a touch of edge,” says Ferguson. “My essential piece is a good pair of earrings that can do double duty—take me from work to date night and everything in between.” For a fresh, eye-catching look, opt for pieces with interesting details, like drop earrings with oversized loop chains.



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Caroline Pham, Montreal designer and founder of Ora-C, loves to look outside of the jewellery world for inspiration. “I started making nail rings because of the super-fun nail art I was seeing everywhere,” she says. “I thought it was a cool way to integrate that into my jewellery since I can’t have long nails because I make everything by hand.”


Recent runway shows have proven that jewellery is not just for the body. Pham points to all-over jewellery on clothing as a breath of fresh air when it comes to fashion. “I could see a lot of people mixing and matching pieces to create this overload of details on their outfits,” she says. “That feels inspiring and like a really fun way to dress.”


What’s the one trend Pham hopes will never go away? Upcycling and made-to-order jewellery services, which are at the heart of her own practice. This helps reduce production waste and allows customers to easily customize a one-of-a-kind piece. In short, it’s a win-win. “People are getting more interested in the process—[wanting to know] where things are made and where they come from.”



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When customers asked Toronto-Tehran brand Lo’bat for hoop earrings made with its signature papier-mâché material, co-founder Golnar Ahmadian found a way to craft the pieces while staying true to Lo’bat’s unique ethos. She added more stones and pearls to create an old-school mood that’s reminiscent of the bold glamour from decades past. “I feel like what people are going through right now is reminding them of the ’80s and ’90s,” she says.


Fashion’s love affair with pearls continues this season, and Lo’bat is fully embracing the movement—but with a twist. “We’re trying to translate them in a modern way to make them relatable for the contemporary woman,” says Ahmadian. “[We want to] create something that follows the trend but is also telling our story.” This means finding creative ways to incorporate pearls into the brand’s culturally significant designs, such as those inspired by Iranian architecture and textile patterns.


“In Iran, there are restrictions on how women dress,” says Ahmadian. “That’s why our earrings are so big—we want women who wear our jewellery to have the confidence to express themselves.” Thanks to the base material, all the pieces are extremely lightweight, so they can be worn comfortably for long periods of time.

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