All you need is a little creativity plus the hottest trends and you can turn that bland blazer into a chic modern piece of clothing! ELLE Canada enlisted the help of do-it-yourself style guru Juliette Trolio, owner of Rix Rax Clothing in Montreal (an accessories store that will bring life to your current wardrobe). “A lot of people come in to update their wardrobe,” explains Trolio. “Or they buy an inexpensive item and come in and make it their own with new details. It’s a very popular trend and a great way to recycle clothing.”

The blazer: A well-cut blazer never goes out of style. It embodies the professional women look and gives instant class and style to dress pants or jeans. Trolio says you can up the trendiness by adding some personal touches like new buttons, buckles, a ribbon sash or a belt to cinch the waist and create an hourglass figure.

The basic dress pant: Bring some style to a boring pair of dress pants by adding a new belt, a unique button to the front, or take a cue from your man’s style and add a straight line of ribbon down either pant leg (outer side) to create a tuxedo look. “You can also add ribbon or lace to the bottom hem,” says Trolio. Appliqué is also an option around the waistline. If they are standard black pants that seem to have faded, take ’em for a dip in some black dye to enhance the colour again.

Standard blouse: “There is so much you can do with a blouse!” says Trolio. Depending on your buttonhole size, you can it up with a new set of buttons (don’t forget the ones on the sleeves!), or get really trendy by adding lace, ruffles, ribbon, or appliqué to the front panels of the shirt. “Beads and sequins are also making a comeback,” says Trolio. “They are very easy to sew on and can bring life back to an old blouse.” To get a more modern cut, you can stop by your local tailor and have them up the style by making ¾ length sleeves or even cap sleeves.

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Your L.B.D: Your little black dress can have instant style and be more modern by adding a sash or ribbon to cinch the waist — a very popular look this spring and summer. It can also take you from season to season. A bright hued sash will make your LBD less harsh and lighter for spring. “Add some sparkle by adding sequins and beads to the straps and around the front because it will emphasize the your décolletage,” suggests Trolio. Is your LBD fading and looking a little more blah than glam? “Dying your clothing is fantastic to make it look new and fresh,” says Trolio. You can make your LBD that sultry deep shade of midnight black that it was when you eyed it in the store. “You can dye almost any fabric except for acrylic,” adds Trolio. “You can bleach your clothing like jeans or shirts and change the colour completely, or just deepen the hue if it has faded.”

Don’t let the creativity stop here! You can also glam up a hat with ribbon, change the look of jeans with a dye job, or add femininity to a skirt with lace and ribbon. “A lot of people come in with coats to change buckles or buttons,” says Trolio.

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