We chatted with Noah Stern, CEO and President of FDJ French Dressing to give us his body breakdowns and what jeans will flatter which shape.

Athletic (long and lean with little curves):

  • For this woman with long legs, straight hips and thin thighs, the trick is to look for low-rise jeans. The eye will be drawn to the waist area, making it more clearly defined, while emphasizing the hip area.
  • By shortening the distance one sees between the "new" waist and the hip, this trimmer fit will also feature her subtle curves.
  • This woman can wear any color or wash she prefers.


  • This shape is very common: narrow shoulders extending down to slightly bigger hips.
  • The idea here is to elongate the torso to help balance the upper body. To do that, look for jeans with a regular rise (at the belly button).
  • A more trimmed fit will also make the hips look more proportioned to the top.
  • Always remember to fit the thighs first, not the hips. Thighs dictate the proper fit and size of jeans.
  • Avoid distressed and washing effects on the hipline area, as we want to distract from it to rebalance the figure.


  • The very first step is to assess your height before your shape. If you are 5"4, or less, for example, try to find jeans made in a petite size (or regular) that has a shorter rise, length and inseam.
  • Trust us; they will fit your body better. Remember that petites come in many shapes and sizes. You can still have an hourglass shape, but be a petite size.

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  • Wide shoulders and hips that are the same width, with a narrow waist in between, mark this balanced figure. 
  • A middle-rise that sits 1-inch below the waistline will accentuate her nice proportions and a trimmer fit to keep the balance between the hips and the shoulder width.


  • The weight of a person should not be taken into consideration as much as a person’s shape. It is very crucial, even for plus-size ladies.  It’s all about the fit: A more full-figure woman who has a large torso with a slimmer backside and thighs (we call this the inverted triangle shape) should go for a regular rise, sitting at the waistline. It will make the rise appear longer and anchor the broader top-half of the woman’s shape.
  • If a plus-sized woman has a pear shape, she should look for a mid-rise jean sitting just below the waistline, which will elongate the torso and help balance her upper body.
  • Lean towards darker shades and colours, but know that black isn’t the only option. Go for shades of navy, burgundy, grey, brown, or even purple dyes. They are all elegant denim choices, which detract the eye making you appear slimmer.

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