ELLECanada goes behind the scenes of New York Fashion Week with fashion blog Textstyles.ca

Photography by Stefania Yarhi
11:30 am: Checked into the
Pod Hotel, with just enough time to drop off my bags and put a fresh coat of lipstick before rushing out to my first show.
12:00 pm: Hail a cab to get me down to
MILK Studios pronto. Five minutes into my ride and the cabbie hits a car. Find myself in the middle of a full on NYC street brawl; bail and hail another one.
12:15 pm: Aah! Find out the show I was running to get to is actually on Monday! All dressed up with no place to go, I make a frantic call to my editor to find out where I really should be…
1:00 pm: Now it’s time to go uptown for the
Loden Dager show; but wait: 556 W 58th doesn’t exist! (What is with me today?) With the invite in hand, and no smart phone to Google directions, I make friends with a random on the street who’s also lost and searching for the show. We find our way to the show seconds before it starts. Phew.
2:00 pm : Spotted,
Tommy Ton snapping pics of the male models leaving Loden Dager. Love him.