BLACK WIDOWIt’s not often that I’m captivated by the text that accompanies a product—even if it’s about jewels. Then I read the description of the Black Widow (The Femme Fatale). The gem-encrusted sculpture, which is 26 cm high, 76 cm wide and 89 cm long, is one of 15 pieces created by Matthew Campbell Laurenza (MCL) for Atelier Swarovski. It was on display yesterday at a private gathering at the home of Toronto socialite Suzanne Rogers. “The buyer will definitely have to be an insect lover with a dark side,” laughs Cheryl Jester, communications manager for Swarovski Gemstones in New York. “It’s gorgeous!” The stats on this piece are impressive: 30,867 pieces of black spinel, 375 pieces of blazing-red topaz and 6 pieces of labradorite. The total carat weight is 2,200. And the price? Well, that’s impressive too: US$295,000. In addition to the 15 sculptures, MCL also created 15 wearable one-of-kind jewellery pieces, including a citrine and sapphire dinner ring that one observer described as “a beautiful monstrosity.” The Atelier Swarovski collection, which is called the "Jeweled Garden" because it was inspired by flora and fauna, launched in New York earlier this year at Bergdorf Goodman and will make its next stop at Lane Crawford in Hong Kong. Now, are you curious about that description?