11 style hacks that are just as good as going shopping

Nov 14 2016 by
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Double your wardrobe possibilities without spending a dollar. 

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    If you wear your denim jacket like you order coffee (the same, every day) then make this switch: belt your denim topper and then shrug off one shoulder. The belt will help the jacket stay in place, so it’s not as finicky of a look as you think.
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    Okay, so this trick might actually cost you a dollar. Buy some grosgrain or satin ribbon to swap out the laces of your fall booties. A renewed spring in your step is practically guaranteed.
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    Hey, since you’re at the ribbon store, pick up a thin velvet option too. It will totally transform your blouses.
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    Shopping your closet is all about pairing unlikely pieces. Case in point? A denim vest with a floaty dress.
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    Now for your next trick, try tucking a lightweight blazer into a skirt. Finish the look with a jazzy belt to keep things neat. 
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    The spring runways were all about contrast. Mimic the look by wearing a ruffled dress with mom jeans. In fact, you should make jeans the answer to all of your under-worn pieces. 
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    Chances are, you already own the three pieces that make up this look. Upgrade a classic white button-down by wearing it open over a turtleneck and tuck the hems into a high-waisted pencil skirt. Add some flashy boots for next-level outfit mixology.
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    Making the most of the clothes you already own requires some sneaky layering. Wearing a belted sweatshirt over a shirtdress (or button-down) with jeans is actually groundbreaking, non?
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    The addition of a small cross-body bag will make last year’s winter coat feel new again, trust.
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    The lesson here is to add a pair of fishnet socks. But, in the sprit of not spending any money, you can swap in any pair that’s suitably flashy.
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    Little did you know, that shirtdress you bought on a whim last season has the potential to be the hardest-working piece in your closet. Try wearing it partially unbuttoned over a dark-wash jean.
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