Stores that have everything we need to revamp our wardrobes are truly a rarity. But this is exactly what RW&CO., a local brand, offers clients who are looking for fashionable and comfortable clothes for their everyday lives—whether they’re at home or at the office. And these timeless staples and refined pieces are also perfect for celebrating in style.

A Day in our Fashionable Lives

Each season, RW&CO. offers a full range of clothing to freshen and brighten up our wardrobes. Think colourful blazers that are perfect for making our favourite jeans-and-tee combo pop or for pairing with trousers for a refined and cool look. The same goes for business attire; the brand’s elegant yet casual pieces are ready to be mixed and matched with the outfits we already have in our closets. They’re the key to giving our nine-to-five looks a breath of fresh air!

And when it’s time to unwind, we can turn to RW&CO.’s soft and flowy clothing—sweater dresses, overshirts, casual dresses—or its denim garments, which, thanks to their tailored silhouettes, offer a carefree look while remaining elegant and super cozy.

Dress to Impress

Summertime brings its fair share of invitations and events—and we couldn’t be happier! Whether we’re dressing for a BBQ at the park, a festive brunch, an afternoon on a terrace, a day at the beach, a birthday dinner at a new trendy restaurant or a sunny wedding, we need a few outfits that make us feel beautiful and comfortable in any situation. RW&CO. has styles that suit us perfectly, no matter the occasion. Classic simple dresses, long flowing skirts, distinguished and trendy jumpsuits, fashionable androgynous sets, comfortable and stylish beachwear . . . All we have to do is choose from the brand’s carefully selected range of pieces that have only one goal: to make us shine. Psst! Our male partners will also find outfits to knock everyone’s socks off; RW&CO.’s men’s section is overflowing with gems for every event.