You’ve probably heard of lab-grown diamonds: these sparkly gems are grown” in a controlled environment that replicates the conditions in which they naturally form. This makes them actual diamonds, unlike shiny lookalikes such as zircons. Lab-grown diamonds have the exact same properties as natural ones; in fact, it’s impossible to differentiate them without studying them under a microscope.

There are various advantages to creating diamonds in a lab. It not only opens up access to high-quality gems, since they’re more affordable than their natural counterparts, but also avoids unethical mining practices and the ecological disturbances created by diamond mining.


With its brand-new Lab-Grown Diamond Collection, international jeweller Pandora goes even further by using lab-created diamonds that are grown, cut and polished with 100 percent renewable energy, making the carbon footprint of each diamond about 5 percent of that of a mined diamond of the same size. The gems are then combined with recycled 14-karat gold or sterling silver.

The Lab-Grown Diamond Collection includes three lines: the fashion-forward Pandora Nova, the personalizable Pandora Talismans and the minimalist Pandora Era, all of which are equally committed to a timeless, impeccable aesthetic. Here are some pieces wed wear every day, special occasion or not.

Pandora Nova Earrings

Get ready for extra shine: The Pandora Nova collection features a distinct setting for showcasing the brilliance of the lab-grown diamonds.

Price: $2,250



Pandora Nova Bracelet

This stunning bracelet, adorned with an excellent-cut brilliant lab-grown diamond, is as timeless as it is chic.

Price: $1,450 (available in 14-karat gold or white gold)


Pandora Nova Ring

This ring’s 14-karat-gold band and excellent-cut brilliant lab-grown diamond make a stylish statement.

Price: $1,450


Pandora Icons pendant and chain

Mix and match dazzling pendants with a 14-karat-gold chain or a 14-karat-gold-plated black cord.

Price: $1,200 (star-shaped pendant) and $350 (chain)


Pandora Era Ring

This minimal ring features a 0.15-carat diamond and has a very accessible price.

Price: $340 (sterling silver) and $550 (14-karat gold)


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