Delicate and dainty will always have a place in the jewellery realm, but what about unabashedly bold? It’s the unexpected (and welcome) vibe that Swarovski landed on for its latest launch. Designed by creative director Giovanna Engelbert—a former fashion director and bona fide style icon—Collection II is all about confident colour, expressive silhouettes and creativity to the max. Read on for our favourite pieces from Swarovski’s newest drop.

Dulcis necklace

Pop art meets millennium-era pop princess: That’s the unmistakable collision that informs this colourful twist on a choker. Every eye-popping detail is worth noting, from its cushion-cut crystal housed in a glossy moulded setting to the pink braided cord on which it hangs.

Price: $155



Lucent hoop earrings

The best thing about these colour-saturated statement hoops is their versatility. They can make a jeans-and-tucked-in-tee situation feel luxe or turn a streamlined sweatsuit into elevated sportswear.

Price: $430


Letra bracelet

Perfect for layering, this bracelet is made up of several square-cut crystals in a blue-raspberry-like colour. What’s cool about the piece is that one of its crystals is adorned with an evil eye so you can carry a bit of spiritual protection wherever you go.

Price: $85


Millenia clip earrings

These honey-hued earrings demonstrate the beauty in asymmetry. Plus, the clip-on clasp allows for precise placement on the ear so you can fully customize your look and have a secure feel all night long.

Price: $380



This stunning showpiece will convince you that, yes, you absolutely need a crystal handbag in your closet. The interlocking crystal rings—which are a subtle, goes-with-anything yellow shade—are designed to mimic vintage bohemian beadwork in a modern way.

Price: $2,800


Numina ring

This amped-up cocktail ring feels totally modern. Its bright-green pear-shaped crystal—pierced by a single clear stone—is the obvious star of this standout piece, but the architecturally inspired double band is equally striking.

Price: $185


Millenia necklace

At last, a layering necklace that has something to say. This genderless piece—which is both moody and refined—can be worn long or wrapped around the neck for an edgy, doubled-up result.

Price: $1,000