As we check in with the Greta Constantine team, the Canadian design stars are locked out of their Paris studio apartment. Read their first dispatch here.

ELLE Canada, We were locked out. No documents, no change of clothes, no toiletries. And most challenging of all,
seulment un petit peu de français. We were however, armed with 10 hours of sleep across four people and sore feet (those cobblestones can do some damage!). The hotel beside our apartment was fully booked. The manager did, however, let us use the washroom. A few blocks north, the large bright word HOTEL — we love when French words resemble English words — shone from a distance. We found our next best option (or last resort, depending on how you look at it). There were two rooms, 205 and 311. Together they were 350 square feet and suddenly, the absence of a shower curtains didn’t seem to matter. Knowing that a few blocks away, the city’s premiere fashion editors, buyers, designers, and models were celebrating the start of Paris Fashion Week didn’t faze us. The hotel did, however make a phenomenal breakfast baguette. It was so good that Stephen smuggled one of them so that he would be able to find his way back, should we ever get locked out again. He’s our very own Hansel.