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Nuanced beauty at Chloé. Straight hair and barely there makeup.

You may have embraced the “undone” beauty trend for Fall 2013, but get out your straight iron come spring because the “I-just-woke-up-looking-this-fabulously-unkempt” look is over. It’s all about looking polished, sharp—and intellectual; at least that’s how James Pecis saw it at Chloé.  “It’s interesting that we’re moving back to a straight iron because it’s not something I go for in my bag a lot, but it finishes off the look and makes it a little bit more severe,” Pecis told me backstage. “The organic  mood is over. It’s time to be a little more sophisticated if you want to stand out. The Chloé girl, for instance, is still expensive-looking, but she has beautiful straightened hair. She’s a little bit more intellectual. She’s a girl who goes to art openings and has a membership at the Tate Modern.” Sign me up.

Hands on treatment from James Pecis at Chloé.
Is undone beauty over at the makeup counter as well? Read on…

Romero Jennings, Director of M.A.C cosmetics Not quite—but it’s moving in that direction, according to Romero Jennings, Director of M.A.C cosmetics who was backstage at Chloé creating the minimal, modern look that makeup artist Diane Kendal had envisioned. “We’ve gone from undone to nuanced beauty. It’s barely there,” explained Jennings. “I’m calling it the Emperor’s new clothes approach to makeup. Is she or isn’t she wearing anything? Think of it as maximizing minimalism. Getting impact with practically nothing. Next fall, however, I get the sense we’re going to max out, full on! Get your brushes ready!”

Eyeliner defined the low-key subtle look at Chloé. In the meantime, Jennings suggests a little liner around the eyes, diffused with a soft brush. “With this look you can still see the red veins on the lid. You know when you wake up and you look at yourself in the mirror and you think, “Wow I look horrible,” but then you notice the colour of your eyes just pop and the white looks brighter because of the contrast with the redness. This look is about working with the model’s own natural tiredness and making it look fresh. There’s no mascara and you only lightly brush the brows, filling in any spaces. I also suggest sculpting the face with creamy base  and close with some strategic bronzing on the cheeks.” Romero Jennings' secret makeup weapon for Spring 2014. His new secret makeup weapon? “The Matchmaster concealer,” reveals Jennings. “It’s creamy and it dries down nicely adjusting to the colour of the skin underneath. It’s not out yet, but it’s great. It will be every woman’s go-to product.” Who knew my jet-lagged red eyes were on trend this season?  This is one emperor I’ll bow down to.    

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