how-to-wear-sneakers-to-work-spring-fashion Ever since Chanel, Burberry and Dior started sending
stylish sneakers down the runway, I’ve been asking myself one question – could I actually wear those to the office (or at all)? Me – the girl who repeatedly wears her leather ankle boots, basic tote and
little black dress to work at least twice (okay, maybe three times, no judging) a week. I decided to find out. As if seeing cool kicks on the catwalk wasn’t enough, I started to spot them on street style enthusiasts, A-list celebrities (everyone from
Taylor Swift to Rihanna) and even my fashion forward boyfriend. He
always seems to be one step ahead when it comes to new footwear trends. Finally, I was convinced – my sneakers were no longer reserved for a jog along the waterfront – it was time I started wearing my sneaks to the office.
Find out how to wear stylish sneakers to the office after the jump…