New York Fashion Week: Memorable celebrity moments

Feb 15 2012 by
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Here are a few of our most memorable celeb moments—so far—from the
New York Fashion Week trenches.
Before we could check out all the
Canadian models at the Zac Posen show—Coco Rocha opened and closed, with appearances from Anais Pouliot, Lisa Winkler, Herieth Paul, Alana Zimmer and Heather Marks—Anthony had a close encounter of the Dita (and Anna) kind. “You won’t believe what just happened!” Anthony gushed almost breathlessly to me before the start of the show. While coming down the steps of the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Centre, he literally bumped into Dita Von Teese as she attempted to climb the stairs in a very fitted dress (Zac Posen, of course). Thankfully, no one took a tumble. “She could hardly move, but she looked great. Her makeup was impeccable,” he said. “Then, just as I was coming back to my seat, I suddenly felt like I was being surrounded by men in suits talking into their wrists. Then Anna Wintour appeared in front of me! I felt so disoriented. I don’t know if I can take all the drama!” he said with a laugh. We settled in for an Oriental-architectural themed show full of glamorous hourglass gowns thankful that most (see below) of the celebs were seated a safe distance away.
previous day at Altazzura, we sat precariously close to the
Courtin-Clarins girls (that’s sisters Claire and Prisca and cousins Jenna and Prisca). (I say precariously because of all the flashbulbs. Boy, those girls can pose!) Anthony jokingly dared me to ask one of them for a Clarins sample. I laughed, and for a split second, even considered taking him up on it—as I
sized up their clutches (way too tiny to contain any good samples!). The following evening, we were all seat-section buddies once again at Tommy Hilfiger and Zac Posen. But I still didn’t ask for a sample.
The most star-studded show so far, by far, has been Diane Von Furstenberg. We dutifully endured flashbulbs intended for Oscar de la Renta, Barbara Walters and Anderson Cooper, but it was pretty cool to take in the row of even more media heavy-weights sitting across from us: Tina Brown, Diane Sawyer, Graydon Carter, Fran Leibovitz etc. And just to cap things off, as we exited the show, Solange Knowles almost tripped over Anthony. He really is a celeb magnet!

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