Emma and her sisters-webEmma is joined in Paris by her two sisters.

By Emma Génier I had nine potential castings yesterday. Fortunately they are all in the centre of Paris, which means I could run from one to the next. I like to exercise, so this is a great way to burn off energy. At home, to stay in shape, I run on my treadmill for 30 minutes at least three times a week. I usually watch
Pékin Express, which is a French program where competitors overcome physical and mental challenges to win a competition. (Fashion Week is kinda like this!) I also started to box with a coach, two times a week for up to an hour. It’s a great workout and a total stressbuster. During Paris Fashion Week, I don’t have access to a gym, so I do the "Seven Minute Workout" in our hotel room because it doesn’t require any equipment. Okay, so you’re probably wondering
"Has Emma landed a gig yet?" Well, let me share a little mishap that happened to me during my third casting call. I was asked to walk in front of the designer. That’s typical, but in this case I had to go downstairs in
high heels (bad idea) to meet the designer. Before I knew it, I slipped and tumbled down the steps. It wasn’t a graceful entrance—but at least I wasn’t hurt and I could go to other castings. My booker only wants me to do castings with the most important shows, even though that means it’s going to be more difficult to land them because I am competing against top models.
So how is Emma keeping her spirits up?