With its distinctive gold styles and contemporary designs created for everyday wear, Mejuri has amassed a devoted international following. Originally started as an online business, the brand now has eight stores—and counting—across Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. Co-founder Noura Sakkijha tells us about how she got into the industry, her company ethos and her desire to democratize jewellery one diamond at a time.


Courtesy of Mejuri

How did Mejuri come about?

“I wanted to create a new-generation brand that would modernize the jewellery industry and encourage people to buy pieces for themselves, whether for an occasion or not. I surrounded myself with a team of experts, and together we launched Mejuri online in January 2015.”

Where does your interest in jewellery come from?

“I’m a third-generation jeweller. Growing up in this world allowed me to see that traditional jewellery is, in general, marketed to men as gifts for women. I wanted to create a brand that encourages people to shop for themselves—to, as we say at Mejuri, ‘buy yourself the damn diamond.’ It’s about not just getting it for yourself but also celebrating yourself, underlining milestones in your life and thinking about what you want. My mother always told me that it’s not selfish to take care of yourself and pursue your dreams. That’s not a sentiment I’ve often heard or seen around me, and it gave me the courage to include this idea in the business.”

How do you ensure the traceability of your materials? 

“Our goal is to achieve 100 percent traceability for all our base materials. That said, it’s a very complex and difficult process. [In 2021], we chose to concentrate our efforts on gold, which makes up the majority of our products; 70 percent of our 14-karat-gold jewellery is made with recycled gold and 30 percent with newly mined gold. Traceability is a long-term project, and we continue to prioritize working with manufacturers that are members of the Responsible Jewellery Council [a body that helps the global watch and jewellery industry create a sustainable supply chain] and have been independently verified.”

What do you look for in a piece of jewellery?

“The piece should be well designed and of high quality, and it should stand the test of time. I like to buy something to mark a milestone, so its significance is also important to me. Besides my wedding ring, I especially love my [Mejuri] letter ‘J’ diamond pendant [as it’s] for my twins, Joud and Julia. I always keep my favourite jewellery [from the label], especially the iconic pieces, like the diamond necklace and, of course, the Crescent ring.”

What can we expect from Mejuri in the future?

“We recently collaborated [on a collection] with Jenna Lyons for International Women’s Day, and a percentage of sales went to the Mejuri Empowerment Fund [which aims to support under represented women and non-binary people]. I look forward to more collaborations with women who inspire our community, but I can’t say more than that. And keep an eye out for more stores opening in Canada!”

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