International Women’s Day is coming up, and the much-anticipated collaboration with beloved jewellery brand Mejuri and style icon Jenna Lyons will make you embrace your womanhood more than ever. The upcoming collection features an engravable set of handcrafted jewelry that honours the woman you are and have yet to be.

The collab features pieces that empower self-expression with a personal touch to everyday wear. Exclusively taking on two fresh looks on the storied signet pinky ring, the brand is reclaiming its historical symbol of strength and autonomy for everyone. The rings are made in 14K solid gold and 18K gold vermeil with a bevelled edge onyx stone, which spiritually symbolizes decisiveness, protection, and fortune. Lyons says that in the past, this ring was usually worn by men. But lately, she loves how inclusive it’s gotten for anyone and any woman to own their personal identities with.

So, it’s pretty fitting that these three changemakers are also featured in this collection. They are the next generation of trailblazers who redefine the meaning of choice. Tommy Dorfman, Allyson Felix and Noor Tagouri have paved a way for change and inclusivity in their respective careers. Dorfman is a gamechanger in her own right. She is an actress who strives for more representation of queer, trans, and gender non-conforming communities in Hollywood. Felix is a powerhouse Olympian who advocates for women’s rights in the sports world. In sponsorship with Athleta, she created the Power of She Fund, which focuses on catering to the maternity needs of female athletes. Tagouri is an award-winning journalist who is a force to be reckoned with. She strives to tell stories with as much diverse voices as possible with her consulting and production company called At Your Service Imprint. How’s that for some girl power?

If you’re ready to shop for this female-empowered set of jewelry, head over to Mejuri’s website on February 21 to snag a piece.  Finishing off the collection is an extra long chain necklace that is sure to complete your everyday look with a little golden finesse, which will be available on Mejuri’s website as well.

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Jenna Lyons Signet Pinky Ring

Price: $760


Jenna Lyons Onyx Signet Pinky Ring

Price: $150


Jenna Lyons Herringbone Chain Necklace

Price: $225