Make time your best friend

Time is a luxury. The modern woman knows this all too well as she successfully tackles (and transitions between) an array of tasks and responsibilities each day. Mother, friend, or boss – she triumphs in any and all of these roles once she makes time her ally. Time in/ Time out – the choice is hers.

Master the art of stress-free business travel

Travelling can be far from stress-free. Even so, there are ways to make living out of a suitcase more enjoyable.

Plug in your headphones and treat yourself to some music. Pulling up a favourite playlist can stimulate the release of neuro-hormones linked to well-being. Choose classical music to help slow your heartbeat and increase your sense of calm.

If you’re tight on time in the morning, find a mirror and feign a fresh, rested face in five minutes.  Simply smooth a BB cream to hydrate and even out your skin, swipe a blush stick across your cheeks and lips, and frame your eyes with a touch of mascara.

In the departure lounge, gain some time by placing your passport in an easily accessible pocket. Lose yourself in a book or magazine or let your imagination wander as you wait for your boarding call.

Savvy strategies for a busy work day

Workplace demands may have you feeling like you need to be everywhere at once. But taking on too much can do more harm than good. Bring some self-care into your day with a few strategies.

Prepare for and recoup from your busiest hours by taking the time to breathe— ideally some fresh air. A walk through a nearby park helps bring you closer to the recommended 10,000 daily steps and releases those all-important endorphins.

Adopt a simple yet effective wellness ritual. Swap out coffee for herbal tea to rejuvenate in a gentler way. Spices such as ginger, clove and cinnamon boost energy while cardamom, hawthorn, lavender, and orange all help to balance the nervous system.

Self-massage can provide many of the same benefits as a professional session. Use your hands and apply gentle pressure to your temples or back of your neck to release any building tension.

Create a sense of calm wherever you are

Aligning body and mind is a way to achieve more balance in life. One hour of yoga can both relax and stimulate while creating this sync. Before leaving home for the day, put a yoga mat and some lightweight, flexible clothing in your bag. You can practice some relaxing poses anywhere you find a calm space.

Sit comfortably with your legs crossed and eyes closed. Observe your breath and concentrate on the air moving through your body. Breathe deeply, inhaling and exhaling in five minute intervals. Time will stand still.

Afterwards, treat your face to a spritz of thermal water to cool and rejuvenate your skin. Finish with a light, tinted moisturizer to even out your complexion.

Take the time to rejuvenate!

Find the energy to go out after ‘one of those days.’ Start by putting down the smartphone and embracing the art of disconnecting!

Take the time to dress up. Play up your best features with a bit of makeup and spritz on your go-to fragrance. Don’t underestimate the power of a great accessory to transition you from day to night.

Choose a cocktail with antioxidant-rich ingredients such as açai berry or pomegranate. Filled with vitamins, these juices will give you a natural boost to keep you going until the end of the evening. Whether you’re mingling with friends or on a romantic date, socializing is a way to feed your soul. Set your daily worries and inhibitions aside and embrace the possibility of new and unexpected experiences.



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