You know that line in
Crazy, Stupid, Love where Emma Stone says to Ryan Gosling, “What are you, photoshopped?” That’s the first thing that came to mind today when I met
Tom Ford at his ultra-posh showroom in downtown
London. The
Tom Ford studio is exactly what you would imagine. It’s impeccable and perfect—from the opulent arrangements of white patchoulis to the male models in tailored Tom Ford suits who greet you at the door. Last season, Ford had a bit of a misfire: reviews of his show were mixed, at best. So this time, instead of a runway show, he opted to do by-appointment only viewings of the line for media. I assumed that his PR team would take us through the collection. I didn’t actually think he would be there. So when I caught my first glimpse of Mr. Ford in the hallway, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Of course, he looked perfect,in spite of having been awake until 3:30 a.m. finalizing details for today’s viewings. Oh yeah, I should probably mention that it wasn’t just me and Tom. I was joined by a few other notable media names: The
International Herald Tribune’s Suzy Menkes, famed fashion writer Colin McDowell and
Marie Claire’s Zanna Roberts Rossi. We had been assembled in the reception area and were chatting with one another when Tom entered the room to greet us. Even though I was there as a journalist I must admit that I got swept away in the moment. He gave everyone, including yours truly, a kiss on each cheek and a warm hello.
What happened next with Tom? Read on.